History Is Like A Mirror (Essay Sample)

History Is Like a Mirror

The UN, peace talks, personal names, some religious and cultural events, various practices and generally, much of what happens today is caused by something; or, it is a something that was learnt somewhere at some other time. The most likely source of this, is the past; history. Most of what people do today is a clear representation or reenactment of what used to be done in the past. If this is not the case, then it is as a result of lessons learnt from the past.  This is why it is often said that history is like a mirror. It is a reflection of what used to be done, or what is expected to be done.

History is like a mirror because it highlights the impacts of the deeds done in the past.  Some acts or events that took place in the past are well documented and safely passed from one generation to the next for the sake of lessons. The value of such acts or events remains to be judged by the later generations. They are there to depict the mistakes or achievements made by such. As a result, the present or future generations can utilize it as vital lessons to either improve upon, or emulate.

Various events happening now are as a result of the past, from war to the environment. Various global bodies have been formed for the sake of preventing a repeat of some tragic events that happened in the past. Fossils are still being unearthed, offering a glimpse of what life used to be in the past. It is as a result of such examples therefore, that it can be confidently stated, history is indeed, like a mirror.

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