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Students from time to time will be required to write an essay on different topics depending on what the teacher may want to develop or test their students on. In some of the cases, the essay may be easy to write and in some of the other cases, writing an essay can be quite a challenge. This is relative to the fact that, writing an essay will have several purposes. There are four main purposes for writing an essay and each lead to different paper from the way it is developed.

The purposes include writing:

  • to inform,
  • persuade,
  • explain
  • entertain.

Writing to inform means the goal of the writer is aligned with telling the audience about something they may not have had information about. As such, much of the essay is going to involve reporting facts on the topic along with providing thoughts on the subject. It is crucial that the writer includes sources which are reputable. Ideally, the essay should be sourced from references that have facts on the topic rather than opinions.

The other purpose involves writing to persuade. The goal in this case is aligned with getting the readers to take action or making them want to take action. When writing for this purpose, the thesis statement should inform the readers what it is you want them to do.

The third purpose is writing to explain, which means the writer will be trying to get the audience to understand a process or a situation.

The other purpose involves writing to entertain. In this case the writer provides an emotional experience for the readers.

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There are quite a number of skills the students develop when writing essays. One of the main skills the students gain is associated with research. Writing essays helps the students gain skills needed to carry out research even in other subjects. The student is able to collect information about the topic they are writing about. This also means the student is also able to present the information they collect. On the other hand, there is also the fact that the student develops critical and analytical skills. For a student to collect and present information they have researched on, they have to have the right skills to analyze the information that they come across and establish the connection between the various ideas. This is crucial relative to bringing out the main ideas in the topic they are discussing. Without these skills, the students will also struggle in other subjects.

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