Healthy Mind Dwells In A Healthy Body (Essay Sample)

Healthy mind dwells in a healthy body

The mental health is indispensable for physical health. The physiological status of a person is a primary asset for good health and efficient mental functioning. Health educators recommend for physical exercise and healthy lifestyle. Eating habits are an important concern for the individual. Shockingly, the only handful of people exercise, eat healthy foods, drink responsibly and abstain from smoking. Most probably, maintaining a healthy body is an option only when high blood cholesterol detected, high blood pressure on record or possible diabetic diagnosis. However, it is never too late to keep a healthy body, take healthy diet, drink responsibly and avoid excessive tobacco smoking. Practicing good health is never too late but always appropriate to start. Indeed, healthy minds dwell in a healthy body. This mantra is essential since pure and unsullied mind helps in keeping physical well-being.

Adequate sleep and rest have great medicinal value. The modern society is incredibly committed to running daily activities. Most probably, people are stressed and racing against time to complete the daily overdue at the expense of sleeping or resting the body. Shockingly, some people are so busy eat properly but have extra time to chair meetings and claim overtime allowances. Doing physical exercise and sleeping are neither necessary but running international business and making the profit is the primary priority. The commitments extremely overwork their body to the point that some people consistently remain stressed. Most individuals are under extreme pressure to meet strict deadlines and complete targets on time. Indeed, people are concerned to achieve and accomplish so much in no time. Despite the commitments, they are failing to recognize the importance of staying healthy, mentally and physically. A healthy body nourishes the mind. In searching for stable mental peace to counter the occupation stress, the body has to be kept healthy thus healthy mind dwells in a healthy body.

How to keep healthy body for a healthy mind

Taking meals on time is inevitable to maintain a healthy body. A Proper diet provides the body with the essential nutrients necessary for the good healthy body. The three meals of the day should be adequate with and nutrient dense. The junk foods should be taken sparingly though they are not healthy. Moreover, the consumption of fried food should also be reduced. Skipping certain meals for the sake of cutting down excessive body weight should be discouraged as it may deny the mind adequate nourishment. Lastly, the fruits and vegetables should be added to the diet.

The second recommendation for keeping the healthy body to guarantees healthy mind is through physical exercise. Despite the commitments, spare some hours in the day to walk and jog for at least forty-five hours in a day. Physical exercise enhances blood flow and releases stress. The exercise also enhances smooth sleep thus releasing the mind from stress. Seven hours of sleep helps the mind to refresh and make one energetic throughout the day. Moreover, breaking from the daily routine once a week is significant to maintain a healthy body. Finally, carrying emotional baggage from past frustrations and historical events may also add stress. Focusing on the present and future activities is imperative.

In conclusion, healthy mind dwells in a healthy body is a familiar phrase that is often misinterpreted. The phrase is commonly used but hardly incorporated into the daily lifestyle. Tasks and responsibility are the primary priority in life rather than sparing the body from excessive commitments. Performing several activities over limited time frame renders lives hectic thus leading to irregularity in adhering to a healthy routine. Unhealthy body compromises the physical and mental health of the individual. It is therefore inevitable to protect and maintain physical health. Otherwise, mental health would suffer.

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