Have Newspapers Become A Medium Of The Past (Essay Sample)

Have Newspapers become a Medium of the Past

With the rapid advancement of technology and increased spread of the internet, newspapers are set to become a medium of the past since people do not have to rely on papers to gather information. Although people continue to use newspapers as trusted sources of information, modern technologies such as laptops and smartphones have significantly simplified access to information. The internet has played an instrumental role in the spread of breaking news, an issue that is not possible in the case of newspapers. In addition, media and communication channels and facilities that broadcast real-time information imply that people do not have to rely on newspapers to gather important information. It is evident that rapid technological advancement has been the main factor that has contributed to reduced reliance on newspaper as the source of important information.

Social revolution has managed to drastically change the way the modern society spreads and accesses information. In fact, the lifestyle of the modern society significantly depends on information that is generated from different sources. For instance, the rise of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter has enabled millions of people to gather information as it occurs. This is because people can interact in real-time and any event that occurs even in the remotest parts of the world can be posted immediately on social media and spread across the world within minutes. In the past, people used to rely on newspapers to learn what is going on in different regions, and this would take days before the authenticity of such information can be confirmed. However, in the modern day society, access to the internet enables live transmission of information irrespective of where an individual is located as long as he/she has access to the internet.

Furthermore, newspapers are considered as medium of information that is single-sourced from a single organization that has published this information. Therefore, newspapers may present biased information especially when an organization supports a certain individual, organization, or government. This has always been in the political arena where one candidate is favored by a particular newspaper while others are discriminated against and end up becoming underdogs. However, modern technology has enabled people to gather information from different sources and thus be able to compare and contrast the truthfulness of the published data. Therefore, data collected from diverse channels increase the risks of newspapers becoming a medium of the past. Furthermore, the ability of modern technology to present live newsfeeds implies that people can always interact with the news firm to understand what is going on directly from the source.  The supremacy which newspapers enjoyed in the past is set to decline since people are increasingly dependent on authenticated sources of information.

It is important to note that in the current generation, people are increasingly dependent on sources of information that can be immediately confirmed instead of relying on printed sources. Modern technologies have ensured that people do not have to move from one place to another to purchase a newspaper in order to remain updated on the most current updates. The ability of people to communicate directly irrespective of time, distance and space has increased the popularity of modern communication networks such as the internet, cellphones, and the social media. Although newspapers continue to play an influential role in the spread of information, it is certainly set to become a medium of the past as people continue to rely on the most advanced telecommunication networks. The new communication networks have taken the storm and newspapers are slowly becoming replaced.

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