Happy Moments With Friends (Essay Sample)

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Happy moments with friends

Friends are individuals who know and understand us. They have mutual affections for us. Friends are not necessarily the parents or wife or children, but someone who can look into our eye and we feel satisfied. There are moments when friends are the only people who can encourage and make us laugh; these are what are defined in this article as happy moments with friends.

Sharing of personal information is the most difficult part of one’s life, but with friends, it becomes very easy. Most people feel happy when they can share their personal life experience with friends without being judged negatively. Sharing personal information with someone you love boosts mental health, it helps one forget the bad things and focus on the positive ones. By sharing personal information, one expects encouraging words in return and not scorn.

At rough times our friends become our refuge. At the moments when everyone feels you are worthless, it’s only our friends who can encourage and stand by us. It’s only a friend who can tell you how your contribution is worth to the society. To people who always feel ugly especially the ladies, it’s only their friends who can look into their eyes and tell them how beautiful they look. Having the mind that you are worthy and beautiful encourages people to be confident and be able to pass through the turbulence of life with ease. In other words, our friends are like our therapists.

At some moments people just need to see a smiling face towards them. Our real friends will always be willing to give a smile. A smile has a way of encouraging the heart, especially in competitions. In a contest, a smile will convince you that nothing is tight and you will win with ease.

People feel happy holding hands together especially in sad moments, for example, a funeral. Our friends are always ready to hold our hands at such sad moments. People feel solidarity and a renewed strength in them even with the demise of their loved one. Friends help us look beyond the death and see life as full of happy moments once more. By holding hands with friends the sorrow in our hearts quickly fades away.

In individual moments when you don’t feel like mingling with family members, it is the thought of having good friends that keep us happy. One can only close himself in a room and think of the good things they have achieved with friends. One can pass through their album and see the good times they have been together with fellow friends. And, by thinking about friends, one has the idea that maybe somewhere another friend is thinking about them. Nothing makes a human heart happy as knowing that somewhere someone is thinking about you.

Use of some funny names to friends is always seen as a real adventure by friends. Some of the names always point to one’s abilities, behaviors or achievements. Having someone to always look at your achievements makes you happy and ready to achieve even greater heights in life. Such endearing names give us a sense of some bond to our friends.

Friends are very precious and must be treated with all the respect they deserve. We need to be kind to realize the good our friends have for us in life. And also we must dedicate ourselves to the friendship to have good memories in the future.

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