Happiness Starts When Selfishness Ends (Essay Sample)

The pursuit of happiness is the endless struggle of human beings and defining it is not easy as people have their own perspectives of what happiness truly is. The true place where we can find happiness is within ourselves and we can only do this if we realize that our joy and contentment is up to our perception. We can only truly see this when we realize that we are a very small part of the universe and that to live truly is to realize that life must be lived as a life of service and creativity in the society.

Some people might say that they feel happy when they are in a party with their friends, or that when they are in the company of a loved one. Others might state that they find happiness in the passion of sexual intercourse or in the flavors of a delightful meal. What is common in our perception of happiness? I’ve observed that a common element of what make us happy is when we are appreciating and being thankful of anything. When we center our happiness through the desire of our egos, we might find that happiness becomes much simpler. This is a result of being conscious and active and aware of the true joys beyond our selfishness.

Joy is transitory and must be in the event that it is to keep on pleasing us in light of the fact that in the event that we have these happy encounters constantly, our brains adjust and transform joy into schedule. Once that happens, it takes significantly more to influence us to feel great once more. Pursuing joy is not joy.

All in all, if satisfaction is not an indistinguishable thing from joy, at that point what is happiness?

When we are selfish, we tend to find our concept of happiness outside our selves. This results to our being materialistic and obsessive upon items that are beyond our bodies. We relate external wealth with internal contentment but that is truly not the case. When we are selfish, we tend to find happiness from things that will directly benefit us in our own perception. Just like when we buy a new model phone, we get an initial excitement of finally having something that we have been craving for, but when a new model comes out, that craving is once again renewed and the joy of having bought the old phone has long gone.

The general term that comes up when people are discussing about happiness is pleasure. So many of us associate the feelings of pleasure to joy and happiness. This is the case in the people who say that they find joy in new adventures and thrilling experiences and it is reflected in our being, as feeling pleased puts us in a state of happiness. This happiness stems from our experiences that glues us to the present moment. However, pleasure, at its roots, is still temporary. There is a happiness that exist that is more inclusive of the realities of our being and our design as human beings.

To be happy without being selfish implies that we live our lives beyond the prison of our egos. We can do this by being of service to our fellow human beings and being part of a working community. To live happy is to devote oneself to the betterment of the world and the integration of community in love and compassion.

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