Han Dynasty (Essay Sample)

Han Dynasty

The Han Dynasty is the most influential civilization in China that occurred between 202 BCE to 220 CE under Liu Bang leadership after Qin Dynasty. The Han Dynasty is known for several achievements that improve the lives of ordinary Chinese people. Han period is known as the classical age. During this period the Hans military had massive strength, Han conquered western Korea and northern Vietnam tripling the empire’s influence. Han rules were felt by many of its neighboring countries like Japan, Vietnam, Mongolia adopted their tradition and methods of writing.

The Han period is remembered by the interconnected trade routes that promoted long distance trade. The Silk Road stretched from Asia to the Pacific Ocean covering over 5,000 miles on both land and sea.  This trade route was one of the significant economies features as merchants traveled across the road to exchange western goods hence increasing the Chinese economy. The Han period is associated with many inventions that surpassed many empires like paper, block printing, the compass among others. Medicine and astronomy are some of the important achievements during this period.

Sima Qian is among the greatest Han historians who lived between 145 BC to 90 BC; he served Emperor Wudi as the palace attendant in charge of the imperial library. Sima made significant contribution in the Chinese history, being in charge of the palace library, he traveled widely to gather information and historical records for Shi Ji which is the Chinese narrative account of its history. Sima wrote 130 volumes of history recording even thing from biographies of all kings and important people.  His works continue economic activities and chronological activities. The Han Dynasty is known for its vast collection of poetry, many poets during this era were female poems were written for the first time during this period to glorify individual and their heroic journeys.  The architecture of Han was cosmological; building were squares symbolizing earth with round roofs made of wood.

One of the outstanding features of Hans Dynasty is the visual arts; bronze castings were popular with chariots, horses, weapons, and jewelry all made out of bronze. Music became a popular form of entertainment; music was performed during ritual celebrations and secular events. Instruments like bells Zithers, panpipes, flutes, drums, and cymbal were used during this period. Han period is more of an intellectual era and is considered as a classic age. The Chinese people are still proud of this period calling themselves the children of Han because during this period Confucianism was restored in China.

The Han dynasty is associated with civilization from entertainment, ranging music poetry and reading. Other activities as if trade, military activities and the expansion of the empire three-time its original size are some of the great achievements that occurred during this period. The economic prosperity and other invention improve the living standards of the Chinese people with the great historians like Sima Qian documenting important historic events during the era under the leadership of Emperor Han Wudi is one of the greatest rulers.

Thanks to the great work of Sima Qian for the first time in Chinese history, people became aware of Chinese rich historical artifacts and other important items like stone monuments, the palace decors, soldiers, entertainers, ceramic burial items, hunting tools and kitchenware. The Han Dynasty was unique in its own with similarities to other cultures of the ancient periods. Significant development was recorded from reveal of learning formation of confusion educational system expansion of ride   to the north, west south the general economic expansion combined with changes in beliefs and cultural practices making this period the most cherished by Chinese people.

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