Government Should Give Unemployment Allowance (Essay Sample)

Unemployment is a state of persons in a country being unable to work despite trying to find employment. Unemployment is a common phenomenon all over the world whereby its rate of existence is everyday increasing even in developed countries. The sharp increase in unemployment rate is ordinarily attributed to the financial crisis and the rising cost of running businesses that render many employees jobless after being let go. There is a shared opinion that the government should give the unemployed allowances. I disagree with this notion, as this may result in negative influences.

First, if a government were to provide allowances to all unemployed person, a country would face a financial crisis. A country relies on revenue collected from persons working and loans, to finance and create development in a country. Considering the high numbers of unemployed people, for instance, in the United States where it stands at 4.3 percent of the population, attempting to give allowances to them would mean using money set out for development, consequencing in the breakdown of development. Additionally, many countries already offer a reprieve to the jobless through welfare schemes. Thus I believe these financial aids are enough to cater for these people.

Secondly, in most instances, unemployment is due to lack of necessary skills as opposed to lack of jobs opportunities. In various countries, the number of persons lacking in basic literacy skills is high. These people translate into a significant proportion of individuals who are unemployed. Also, among the people with various educational qualifications and expertise, they may be lacking in the skills most sought after in the job market. Therefore, even if the government were to give them an allowance, it would not be solving their primary problem. However, training them on the core and alternate skills to those they have, would be a better solution.

Thirdly, selectiveness, particularly on the part of the youths, contributes to the high number of unemployed individuals. In a country such as India, the number of unemployed people keeps soaring. Nevertheless, it is observed that there are numerous job opportunities in informal sectors. However, the youths, who make up the vast population of those unemployed, refuse to take up these opportunities. Many unemployed persons particularly the youth set their minds that they only want white-collar jobs and in the companies of their choice. Hence, when such jobs are unavailable, they stay idle instead of taking up readily available ones such as in India’s case and build on them. Thereby, increasing unemployment statistics. In such a situation, the government giving allowances would reinforce bad behavior.

Implementing such a strategy contends that all individuals are genuinely jobless. However, in the society, some people willingly refuse to look for employment. These people spend their days indoors watching television, on their computers, moving around in friends’ homes and taking advantage of their parents, siblings, and relatives due to being too lazy to work or want to work. With such people, motivation and a dose of reality would be effective in removing them from a life of idleness and inactivity to working. Moreover, if the government paid the allowances, they would never search for jobs, thus defeating the purpose of the benefit.

In conclusion, the government giving benefits to the jobless would be a negative strategy to implement. It is not a solution as still, people are unemployed, and as more people rely on the government, a financial crisis is inevitable. However, the government can opt to implement strategies of providing and improving people’s skills that would make them more employable and increasing job opportunities.

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