Goodbye To All That (Summary Essay Sample)

Goodbye to all that

Robert Graves was born in the year 1895 July 24. His life experience led to writing several books. “Goodbye to all that” is an autobiography by Robert Graves and first appeared in when the author was 34 years. The work describes the tectonic shifts in England society following world war two. It was published in Penguin Modern Classics. The work is a matchless evocation of the world legacy. However Robert Grave is well known to his work in poems, critiques novels and classist translation. From a wide range of nonfiction to fiction, poetry and memoir, Robert is greatly known in his autobiography, “goodbye to all that”. He published the book in 1929, he had written other books but his autobiography spread entirely. The autobiography “goodbye to all that “ is a self representation of Robert leaving his wife and children as well as England with an intention of never coming back. In 1957 the second revised version of it was released having major raw content removed of which it is commonly read today. Robert meticulously edited his best seller internationally, by doing way with reference to riding. In addition to the unknown number of important passages that brought to Roberts tormenting although powerful account of his personal life. This was because in 1957 graves was no longer with American poet .this essay seeks to describe the autobiography of Robert graves” goodbye to all that”

Robert made a vow of leaving his country England a leave to leave permanently abroad. This was in the year 1929.This was his life account from his childhood and desperately about his school, charterhouse. He was serving as a young First World War officer in charterhouse that riley haunted him throughout his life. Graves’s autobiography dwelt majorly in the time he served as an officer in the army during the world war period. The book has 39 good chapter of which the first 9 chapter, Robert has dedicated to talk about his family, childhood and his education. Chapter four talks about his experience on warfare experience. The latter details of this book describe his post warfare life experience.

Robert spent much of his lifetime schooling in different preparatory schools until grave received a scholarship the saw him received in the charterhouse where he finished his series of education. In charterhouse Robert concentrated much on poetry and boxing and also the tournament held by classmates. Later on Robert was awarded classical exhibition in 1913 to St James College at the final year of his studies at charterhouse. Grave started to reflect on France in few months. Robert wrote this book specifically to show how history lengthens its reactions towards us. Few years later Robert was sent to hurler to train new troops as well as giving lectures. Soon after we saw Grave engaging in a battle of Somme which later resulted to him was being wounded. A letter was sent to his mum indicating that Robert is dead but after recovering he disputed the content of the letter and wrote to his mother that he is fine and ok. He later returned to England to meet his old soldier although he did not recover fully but he reunited with his friends. He later wrote a book and married Nancy. They started a family though he was eager to join any battle but his doctor advised him not to attempt.

In conclusion goodbye to all is an autobiography by Robert Graves written to show that he was leaving England for good and never to return. His education background was mostly in the charterhouse where he trained and became a poet as well as trained to become a soldier. His movement to train new troops inspires a lot and by that he Leeds a battle in Somme that got him injured. Although Robert had a desire to fight but all that is was prohibited by his doctor, he later returns to England married a wife and started a family. Robert is a well known poet in his poetic work and goodbye to all that made real impact as an autobiography.

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