Good Deeds Never Die (Essay Sample)

Good deeds never die

Good deeds are deeds done to please our neighbors, friends, and relatives. The saying ‘good deeds never die’ is right as a good deed will never go unrecognized by the society. Good deeds are self-sacrifices that are done without expectation of personal benefits. These acts make the entire nation happy and people valuable to one another. The good deeds can be done during times of war, at school or community level. There are several benefits of good deeds.

A community or country at war requires saviors. The saviors can be intelligent soldiers, food donors during the war and doctors. At war, everyone is desperate without any hope, and everyone is fighting for their lives. Soldiers can fight and organize ways of how to deliver the people of the situation. Doctors, also with their diverse skills treat the wounded and console the individuals who have lost their loved ones. It takes an effort to save people from war, but the determination to make someone smile makes the soldiers and the doctors work extra hard. During the war, no one has the time to recognize each other’s effort. After the war, people will always flashback on how they and their loved ones were saved out of the dangerous situation. The flashback leads people to recognize their saviors. Recognition comes with a lot of benefits. These advantages include promoting the soldiers and the doctors at their workplaces, recognizing them as heroes in the community, and also they become famous.

People need help in their daily lives. People have different socioeconomic backgrounds, some are poor, and some are rich. The poor are in constant need of charity deeds, inform of food, money, counseling, etc. Helping the poor makes the helping individuals know different kinds of people and how to satisfy the needs of the varied groups of the suffering. The poor feel important whenever they are helped. The poor see themselves as worthy of being in a particular society. Not all poor people lack ideas, helping them boosts their confidence, and hence their creativity is rejuvenated. The community eventually benefits from their creativity. Helping others in a society makes the community a better place. The heart of helping can spread across the community. Assisting the society will help people live decent lives.

Good deeds make the world a better place. In the world, people have rights to education, good health care, religion amongst others. Not every part of the world is endowed with schools, hospitals, and religious buildings. An organization or an individual may decide to build a school where there is none. Education is the key to good future, by having schools around, children will be educated to become better citizens. The classes also can help instill morals on the children. Some places have expensive or no hospitals. The hospitals occasionally may be affordable but very far away from the locals. Building affordable hospitals and introducing mobile clinics will make most people enjoy health care services. Good health means a large population will be productive to the society. Religion for long has been tasked with good moral building. If religious places are built, respect in the society will improve, and people will love one another.

The benefits of good deeds might take some time before they are realized. Some individuals who did the right things have died without reorganization, and some have been recognized at old ages. This overdue recognition has discouraged some individuals from doing well to the unfortunate groups.

Good deeds indeed never die. The benefits that come with good deeds are numerous, and therefore a society must focus on doing well to others. The locals and the government should recognize their heroes at the right time to help boost moral for helping.

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