Girls Power (Essay Sample)

Girl power


The narrative on girl powers and strengths is complicated. Women have always been participating in various liberation process of the world. They are strong, enduring childbirth and other strenuous hardships responsibilities. Despite the struggles, girl power discourse is silent about such significant strengths of women. Apparently, girl power narratives naturally delve in mental toughness and physical strength of women stratified in the social norms. Besides the biological appearance of the female, girls have extreme strength and capacity to achieve much more just like boys in the society. The negative perception of women as weak and fragile creatures responsible for childbearing is derogatory and null. Truly, a society with empowered girls is developed and peaceful than the society with male chauvinism perceptions. Hardly do women engage in criminal activities and divisive politics with chaos and brutality.

Currently, the wave of realization of girl power is massive and fruitful. The feminist movement collectively seeks to reclaim feminine and make it culturally valued. The primary objective of the movement is to raise awareness and the clear negativity perceptions against women in the society. Girls have the potential to undertake and perform anything they choose at a personal level. Quite often, power refers to the mental and physical strengths typically claimed by men. Notwithstanding, it also relates to the ability to influence others as well as the surrounding ecological niche through wisdom, intelligence, and agency. In proletariat society, women have the potential to make an independent decision, raise their minds, speak their minds and be consulted in critical matters.

Traditions and societal beliefs and doctrines have undermined the strength and the contribution of women to the national economic growth. Rather than being passive, women have extreme potential to air their concerns in verbal and nonverbal modes. They have the ability to make their voices precisely heard globally in speech and print. Moreover, at their disposal, women can make mainstream femininity work in their favor. Several advertisers have co-opted mainstream girl power to advance the market for mundane products. Products are branded the beauty of women to receive accessibility in the market even when they had previously rejected. In the free market alternatives, products branded with femininity characters gain much market acceptance than products with male chauvinism. Countering male chauvinism perceptions, it is universally evident girl power has got more strength and influence than boys. Empowering women to ascend top notch positions in the society is imperative for the mutual growth of the society.

Finally, despite enormous efforts towards the realization of girl power in the society, media seemingly propagate robust and negative perceptions about strength and contribution of girls. The majority of media presenters are thin and slender girls with weak appearance. Their bodies, however, look weak, not tough. The perception influence girls in the viewing audience never to accomplish this demanding super-strong and slim standards envisioned in girls’ power. Interestingly, in the event the viewing audience claim and match the strength of the televised characters, then the girl power gradually disappears. They remained weak personnel who can never be entrusted with any leadership and managerial responsibility within the society. The girl power is indeed an impossible task for many girls who want to restore and maintain their femininity in the society just like media presenters. In other words, strong traditions despise and reject incredibly strong and active girls with overwhelming desires to reclaim girls’ power. Loyalty to tradition in girls calls for sobriety and remaining subordinates of boys in the society. In conclusion, despite the contribution of women in the society, girl power is a dream yet to be realized in many societal doctrines. Real girls are perceived to be weak individual with little ability to air their voices and minds.

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