Gentleness (Essay Sample)


When you hear the word gentleness, we often think of a mother picking up her infant from a crib, as she softly holds the delicate child. The best example that describes gentleness is from the bible. Jesus used various phrases and examples to show us how to treat each other. Jesus condemned the hypocrisy displayed by the scribes and the Pharisees to define the spirit of gentleness. He demonstrated how gentleness could be applied especially to those who oppose us. In the book of Matthew, Jesus lamented by condemning those who killed the prophet and stoned those people sent by God.

Jesus described gentleness as they way we feel about other human beings. He urged his followers to learn from him because he was gentle. According to Jesus, being gentle meant living in humility. From these examples, we can describe gentleness as being humble and having a meek attitude of wanting to help other people instead of wanting to dominate them.  The gentle attitude flows from a spirit of true love and concern for others.  Having such attitude can only be displayed by the way we treat others and what we say to them.

Gentleness is a virtue of doing good, and it is a decision to show love or be benevolent. Gentleness requires one to have courage without necessarily being violent and love without anger.  Gentleness is more of having the inner peace and resisting cruelty, insult, or not showing aggressiveness.  Gentleness is more of having a strong hand with a soft touch; it is about showing tenderness, being compassionate when approaching those who are weak. A gentle person speaks the truth, but watches his tone so that the truth can be received well.

Gentleness is not about being a washy person or being unassertive, or just being wimpy. Instead is about refusing to use power to harm other people. Gentleness is the desire not to greater than others, it’s about  being bold, non-violent and standing up for what is right and not being manipulative to convince people. However, it not in human nature to be gentle, gentleness goes beyond instinct, education, or even society influence.  Men are often quick to fight while women are historically known to be more gentle, but everyone needs to be gentle. If we want to bear the fruit of gentleness, we need to ensure that we can stand by the truth. For us to be gentle, we need to be ready to do whatever good to promote peace at all times.

We need to be considerate of other and show true humbleness and gentleness towards everyone around us by helping those in need. Gentleness is not being a coward by retreating from reality; it is not about being selfish and avoids trouble that can cause more damage. Neither is it a false humility whereby someone refuses to recognize his God given talent and refuses to use him or her for the benefit of the society. Jesus showed us the meaning of gentleness in the midst of conflict and the midst of popularity.

Even though Jesus miracles pulled many crowds, he refused to let them make him the kind of king they wanted. Jesus showed us that gentleness is when you care enough to choose not to be harsh, rash, rough or angry; instead of when you are gentle you know and use the best way to hold an egg. A gentle person ensures that his action does not harm others and he chooses to act in a way that brings good to everyone. A gentle person may lose battles but wins the overall struggle. Being gentle means creating few enemies and more friends.

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