Gambling Goes Global On The Internet (Essay Sample)

Gambling Goes Global On The Internet

Globalization has been a major factor for our society to slowly move forward to have a better future with other nationalities. Technology made the society as a smaller unit because it established a network of communications that are interactive with each other. There are invented and developed applications to allow users to navigate the internet using a platform to establish a network with each other. Most applications are working in a profitable company because there is a high market value for every person in our society to improve their interest and functionality to become a competitive individual. Speaking of being productive, there are many ways to become a successful person in the easiest way. However, the easiest way possible is by means of engaging in gambling.

Gambling is a vice responsible for causing an individual to show signs of a psychological disorder. This is comparable with substance abuse wherein a person is showing signs of obsessive-compulsive disorder. The reason behind is that gambling is a form of an activity wherein a person feels that their anxiety level is relieved every time that they gamble their money over pleasure. As a result, a person who plays at the online casino or small scale gambling activity over the internet is more likely to cause a significant amount of losses. The reason behind is that money is the main factor for allowing a person’s funds to be traded with their compulsive behavior. Whenever a person gambles, they are risking their savings because their bank account statements are more likely to be compromised due to their ability to sell it through illegal means such as gambling activities at the mobile device.

An online casino is an actual place for gamblers to gather and gain a significant amount of money while they are going to play several games that are similarly offered over the internet. A person will be entering the details of their bank account as a ticket to play the game. There are certain games that the player will be choosing and will just click the button using the cursor of their mouse or just touching their mobile device using their hands. After playing, the user will then try to navigate games that are suitable for them to play or gamble. Each game costs a significant amount such as a dollar or five dollars per game. If the user wins a jackpot, the money that they won will be deposited directly to their bank account.

The result of online gambling is rampant over the internet. Betting is one gamble provided by several online service gambling providers to allow users to bet on their favorite athlete or competitor. The athlete that has the highest chance of winning the competition has a value that doubles the amount of the user’s initial credit while betting their favorite contestant. If the chosen candidate loses, the money will be taken away from the gambler online. This is made usually by directly deducting the payment from their bank account that they used when they made an initial monetary bet online. There are more gambling services offered online that are not monitored by both local and international monitoring agencies. Online gambling is a significant risk to the safety and security of user’s confidential information such as bank accounts due to incidents of hacking activities online (Sim, 2015).


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