Futuristic Nursing (Essay Sample)

Futuristic nursing

The nursing career is a profession with lucrative opportunities to change the surrounding working condition of nurses. Futuristic nursing encourages nurses to assist in disease prevention at the community level rather than in patient care. Moreover, nurses will also be required to undertake a more integral role in the provision of intensive care within the healthcare facilities. The career has a greater chance and opportunity to grow and nourish its vision for practice and education. However, rapid technological changes within the healthcare delivery systems have impacted the demand for nurses. Furthermore, ever changing population demographics have had profound shortages on the nurse’s services demand. Therefore, for practical futuristic nursing, there is a need for effective identification and planning for personnel needs. This paper will, therefore, explore the different aspect of future health care. Strong emphasis will be channeled on how nursing will play a significant role within the reformation system of the healthcare system.

Change is inevitable in every field of specialization. Having credentials and qualifications as a professional and registered nurse, the expert is expected to discharge his or her mandates in many diverse healthcare settings. However, in those practice settings, the climate of change is evident. Indeed nurses should understand various entities entailed in the implementation and recommendation in such contexts. The disease management care process has changed over with time. Besides, storage and retrieval of patient’s medical records have also changed. The introduction of E-system in the management of health records has shifted practice. The electronic system has replaced physical records and examination of patient’s condition. Registered nurses need adequate training and preparation for the futuristic nursing career. Nonetheless, the nurses should be cognizant about the current transformations happening within the health care career. Finally, they need to understand the plans and policies aiming to put them at the forefront for the futuristic nursing.

Secondly, futuristic nursing requires registered nursing with higher degrees award and competencies. The profession should have a seamless pursuit of higher education. Ordinarily, nurses from any part of the globe should have undergone the similar training curriculum regardless of the college or country. A seamless approach to the pursuit of information will enhance quality and uniform service delivery. Futuristic nursing will reduce the gap between the nurses working in the developed world and the colleagues from developing countries.

The third suggestion for the futuristic nursing is the need to be equal partners and shareholders in the development and designing programs for future healthcare. In the ideal situation, nurses should participate in creating solutions to health care reform. They should never act as passive participants in the process just like the previous scenarios. Active participation of nurses in the healthcare reform system will enhance successful services delivery in the futuristic nursing. However, sidelining the nursing in such crucial reform may create mixed reactions among the nurses. The need for nurses to be owners of leadership roles within the healthcare setting is significance towards the achievement of futuristic nursing. Traditionally, nurses have been subordinates to physicians and health practitioners within the facility. These have denied them valuable opportunity to express their contribution towards futuristic nursing.

The last suggestion for futuristic nursing is the need to document accurate qualified and registered figures of health care workers. Documenting valid and reliable number of health practitioners help with projections and planning. Futuristic nursing practices cannot be achieved with inadequate workforce available to adopt and implement the proposed policies. The facts concerning workforce must be received from states and regional levels.

In conclusion, futuristic nursing is significant to ensure seamless delivery of services in the health care facilities. It is evident from the global advancement in technology. However, for successful implementation of futuristic nursing, there is a need for higher degrees and competencies among nurses. Similarly, nurses should be treated equally just like other partners in the development of future health care reforms. Finally, the leaderships roles should also be shared equally across the professional regardless the profession.

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