Functions Of Campus (Essay Sample)

Functions Of Campus

Campus in its etymology came from a Latin word that depicts the word “Field”. According to some records and accounts in the history, the word campus were a traditionally a land where universities or colleges reside with an inclusion of institutions that are related or so, like libraries, dormitories and other building/structures that are an essential to the living of the students inside the area. In many states, there are many existing campus and some of it are renowned across the globe due to students that it produces. These students have good understanding on their field of interest, because of many factors and one of these are the benefits that the campus had offered to them.

Ideally, campus have many infrastructure that are all beneficial to student learning, but since each state and campus provide different expertise like from engineering to medical field it then requires different setup for learning experience. But mainly, even if they have different focus of expertise it still provide the most basic of facilities required for a healthy and good learning environment. The functions of campus have a wide ranges of scope and one is in providing good learning facilities that students can be, as much as possible, be productive on its own. Learning facilities are the areas where a student can focus on their studies while having the references, equipment and tools needed to improve understanding on their study. In example, the learning facilities do provide learning materials such as books, almanacs, periodic and even internet access and this kind of materials are available in libraries. Also, technical area are considered to be learning facilities, common example for technical area are machine shop for engineering craft, experiment laboratories for physics or chemistry related-major for their testing subjects and even plantation garden for those studies that involve in plants or animals subject. Another, learning facilities is for students physical health, some considered building a gymnasium, a track field, an open court or covered court and swimming pools in which these kind of facilities ensure that students can have the benefits of exercising and moving around since most of academicals studies only requires sitting around and not moving too much. In another perspective, campus should provide cafeteria or canteen that provides healthy food that would improve the health conditions and even prevent any sickness that may hit upon the students. This concern is highly raised by parents and students as everyone is concern for their foods. Also, another factor is the convenience access to many food selections because everyone have their own preferences and also some people who have different cultural background have strict diet or food to eat which campus should also consider. Furthermore, campuses should provide services and building for social interactions. While students stay on their dormitory their life of school should be well balanced and as for its social needs there are recreational areas that campus provided for them. Festivals and exhibits are too make these students interact and showcase their abilities to their schoolmates. By these events, it improves their social skills and maximize the learning experience by sharing and caring for others work. Another point is their spiritual belief, many students have different religious background and for that they wanted to practice it.

In most aspects, campus have many functions to play and they are vital on many factors that can affect the development of an individual in their learning academically, in their character making and in their health as well. Campus should take consideration of giving the vibes of second home because students and faculties must have a healthy relationship as they always meet from day to day interacting and more.

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