Freedom Is Not Free (Essay Sample)

In modern times, we can witness many people across different nations have been asking and shouting for freedom. We can see them having rally or protest saying different things that may it be freedom for speech or freedom on something they want to achieve but overall they are asking for. But before anything else, what does freedom truly means?

In reference to Dictionary namely the Merriam-Webster, Freedom have two meaning; one is the quality or state of being free and the second one is a political right. In the first definition, one of the state of being free is as such as liberation from slavery or restraint or from the power of another. And how could be one be under slavery or from be restraint? If we take a look back in our history books, there have been great number of accounts that particularly discuss the issues of war for land, resources and slaves. During those times their leaders, called as kings or emperors, have been driven with a burning desire to become the most powerful person having a collecting a wide scope of land mass in their kingdom, a powerful and skilled marching soldiers that can shake every nation and resources that can sustain its people in many years to come. These ideals that they have are being considered greediness and so, wars have been initiated in all sides of the map. When a stronger gets to conquer a weaker nation, the citizen of weaker nation is being held as slaves. These slaves are treated badly and unjust. From here I’d like to point out that many nations that have been develop late is being considered as weaker nation, thus making them a prey for nations that have better knowledge and technology on fighting. The people living on countries that have late development were now held as slaves and put on hard labour like gathering resources, put in the front lines in war and other injustice acts. These people never had the opportunity to study, learn and live in the same level as the so called master. Creating a social ladder and gap towards many people, racism based on ethnicity and colour and so on. All is but hardships, sorrow and sadness. After experiencing many bad things, the people from weaker nation learned to adopt and slowly learn to put up a fight. They realize that before they held captive they were nations that have justice and peace, as well can manage on their own. Revolution is the way that our great grandfathers and mothers have experience in order for us to experience we achieve now. The Revolution have two distinct type, one is being true peaceful but the other one is the most common on all places, the revolution that costs life and blood. Making it sooner or later, nations have been unchained and attain its solidarity and attain once more its sovereignty as an individual nation.

Freedom is not free, that is a fact that every people including the next generation should understand and remember. They were paid by blood, sweat, tears and life. Our ancestors have put up a good fight, hoping for something that even they might not achieve but praying that their sons and daughter may have. And that something is called Freedom. Freedom to live without fear, without being discriminated and be able to express their thoughts. We have to remember once in awhile that there are people who never knew us but fought for us.

There is General from a war that says Freedom can never be bought by taking care of their love ones, it must be paid accordingly and the price is blood and sweat. They have to jump into the abyss. Which I think is undeniably true, for without pain and sacrifice we can never be free at all.

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