Freedom Is Life (Essay Sample)

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Life is full of many things that require an individual to decide on what is good or bad. Therefore, in order to ensure this, every individual should be in a position to learn and understand the various things that surround them in life. Hence, freedom is one of the most important things because it helps individuals a lot to go through life by playing different functions.

One of the functions played by freedom is that it gives an individual the chance to make choices without the influence of other people. As a result, the individual is able to analyze the situation in question and weigh the different options that they have. In turn, they end up choosing the options that they think are best for them hence freedom is life. Given a situation whereby people did not have freedom of choice, then they would have to abide by the decisions of other people yet such decisions could not be in their favor. A good example is a case of choosing the career that a person wishes to pursue in the future. In the absence of freedom, such person would have to follow the choices of other people regardless of whether they have a passion for that career or not. However, with freedom, a person is able to choose the career that they have a passion for.

In addition, freedom is life because no matter how free a person is, there is always the human mind that is always full of thoughts. Therefore, this calls for the need of mental freedom. In many incidences, individuals might seem to have all the freedom in the world but then life is full of responsibilities. Hence, one has to seek solutions for their problems so that they can have mental freedom. One of the main causes of stress is mental stress. Such stress is then reflected in the general health of the individual and if not controlled, it can even lead to death. Hence mental freedom is equally important in a person’s life because it frees them from lots of thoughts that are not healthy.

Another reason as to why freedom is life is the fact that we live in a democratic world. In order to fit in such a world then one has to exercise their right of freedom instead of dealing with people in a dictator-like way.  In the current world of democracy, any person who acts like a dictator rarely ends up living a good life. A good example is the case of Gaddafi. Chances are that if he had given people the freedom that they needed he would still be alive enjoying his leadership. Therefore, freedom is a concept that brings people together because of the fact that it grants people the right to speak their mind, then it becomes easy for them to share ideas in a peaceful manner. In addition to this, freedom keeps trade activities running in a smooth manner hence contributing to the general economic growth which is an important aspect of life.

Concisely, freedom is life and a concept that should be used wisely because its absence could lead to dictatorship. On the other side, having total freedom could lead to chaos because people would do things the way they like without even considering the harm that it’s causing to their friends. Freedom comes along with different responsibilities that an individual should be aware of the best way of dealing with them. Both physical and mental freedoms are important and should be used equally to ensure that they bring about a good health to the individual.

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