Francis Bacon “Of Great Place” (Summary)

A Brief Summary of Francis Bacon’s “Of Great Place”


The Essay on Great Place was written by Bacon in the early 1590’s, which shows the competition amongst brilliant and highly reputable politicians during that era. The ambition for a higher seat in power by the ranking officials of Queen Elizabeth’s palace namely Sir Ralegh and Sir Robert were evidently seen during the Queen’s reign hence, the creation of this essay which depicts the truth and facts of how early monarchs handled power and authority. Francis used to be a courtier during Elizabeth’s reign for twenty-five years from the start of his youth. Afterwards, he moved into being King Jame’s courtier for twenty-two years and experienced the different issues and dilemma of being a servant of the Queen and King’s palaces.  The author has achieved so many feats but had a record for accepting bribery in his position as a politician and was sent to prison for this offense. However, as a writer, he was well-known for his works and writings.

Brief Summary of “Great Place”

The essay written by Bacon was a brilliant masterpiece, which consists of contents that were full of information and expressions focusing on the various meanings and nature of life. It was not written to persuade people into a specific principle or stand but centralized on several universal truths on love, war, friendship or relationships, wealth, popularity, death, kindness and praise. According to the essay, Bacon states that there are three kinds of servants such as those who work for the Sovereign State, those people who are after fame and glory and lastly, the ones who are servants by reason of businesses and money. In addition, the effects of power and how it is being used by different classes of men insinuates lack of freedom since the goal to seek for more power may in turn lead into losing one’s control over self. This at often times might lead into pride, destruction and downfall which many have already suffered. The misuse of such

authorities granted in the absence of a high standard of responsibility might lead to a series of unfortunate events. Likewise, as written in the essay that “Cum non sis qui fueris, non esse cur velis vivere” which actually means that when a person thinks that he is no longer the man that he used to be then the reason to live becomes bleak and a struggle to survive ensues. Even the most famous minds had to look up to other people’s thoughts and ideas to get encouragement and inspiration. Likewise, Bacon added in the essay that men should not listen to how other people think of them because it affects their behavior and how they see themselves. It is also such a puzzling statement when Bacon said that men are so engrossed with their businesses and daily livelihood at the expense of not being able to take care of their own health. Furthermore, the essay explains that “Illi mors gravis incubat, qui notus nimis omnibus, ignotus moritur sibi” saying that it is such a sad plight when man die too known by other people rather than he knows himself.


The essay about “Great Place” refers to several facts and information regarding life where good and evil exists. The author writes to reiterate to the readers what happens with life and how to face it when certain circumstances beyond our control takes place. He also clarifies that the ability to perform goodness and show kindness to others is the ultimate genuine and lawful results that brings success and victory in the end. Likewise, men must look for mentors who would be a source of encouragement in life and that every being must examine and assess its own thoughts and actions. Likewise, the talent of studying both negative and positive instances will help in the decision-making process as to the things to accept and to avoid.

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