Francis Bacon “Of Ambition” (Summary Essay)

Francis Bacon “Of Ambition”

“Of Ambition” by Francis Bacon highlights the dominating aspect of the male gender. The main argument of the author presents about the significance of ambition as it applies to the vision of men. This includes having the notion to achieve freedom and space that is in accordance with their routine and mission. Failure to meet their vision will cause them feeling negated and start to feel hate to everything that they encounter. Due to the visionary principles of males, Francis Bacon visions that men are always experts in their chosen professional practice. For other males, they can even excel with their professional practice for as long as they have chosen their passion as a ticket to become successful in life.

In terms of security forces, Bacon emphasized that guards can develop as future army commanders if they continue to generate a force that compliments their values and belief. This includes fulfilling the vision and mission of their security agency that aims to create better security forces that safeguards the safety of the community. By using a scenario regarding a leader who successfully led his society as a successful community, Bacon discussed the relevance of creating a sustainable security policies and brave actions to establish a long-term cooperation with the society. However, accomplishments could lead to uncertainties such as being at risk for misuse and abuse of power that could harm other leaders within the community. Security personnel are suggested to have a support group so that their visions will be further strengthened as a way to develop a sustainable ambition with dedication, patience, and prosperity observed to the target population as one major concern.

The applicability of Bacon’s premise symbolizes the changes that allow every individual to become successful in every way that they can engage with professional productivity. Any person who is passionate about their actions is more likely to reach and accomplish their dreams in the future. The reason behind is that it seeks to regulate the amount of efforts that could result into a successful outcome for establishing new roles and services that makes an individual to become influential. Bacon’s conception is relatable with the real world scenario where leaders have gone through a passage that faced the wrath of obstacles before they successfully reached their goals. On the contrary, leaders who failed to reach their goals were brought about by lack of confidence, patience, and support system that caused a stagnant growth in their career.

On the end of the discussion, Bacon wanted to provide a relevant piece of information regarding the applicability of the ideas, references, and scenarios that were applied during that time. The essentials of building a sustainable knowledge enhance the creativeness of a person to become successful in their respective lives and career. Being a leader takes responsibilities in order to maintain the decisions and activities that are compatible with the perceived outcome. The only challenge is to maintain a degree of discipline, which seeks to comprehend with the credibility of having a successful outcome to deliver a high-quality service that can influence the society. In order for a leader to gain more followers, setting their ideas, activities, and creativeness that is important in order to have a consistent affair that corresponds to the general interest of the society. For this reason, a successful person can always meet his ambitions if they are willing to sacrifice their time to dedicate with their passion (Bacon, 1625).


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