Format of Descriptive Essays

Do you plan to write a good descriptive essay? Thus, you should follow a standard format of descriptive essays. This format consists of an introduction, a body and a conclusion. Each part plays a major role in making a descriptive essay understandable and interesting for the readers. It comprises a title and subtitles in order to express your feelings and emotions on the topic.

Why do we need a format for writing essays?

A format of descriptive essays can be presented as a list of significant indexes of the topic that is going to be discussed. In general, even the smallest detail should be included in your essay that may or may not be a part of your descriptive essay.

Components for the format of descriptive essays

There are some important parts for the format of descriptive essays:

  • Introduction.  In this part, the author provides general facts about the subject  or the object of studying  in two or three sentences. The introduction should be performed in such a way that it can draw the attention of readers. The reader should be excited with the introduction. If  the introduction is tedious, he will loose his interest for your essay.
  • Body. In the body of your descriptive essay,  the author further expands the characteristics of the subject or the object  being discussed. With  the help of his own survey, he may  show every small peculiarity of his subject/ object using a  great amount of adjectives and adverbs. Combination of adjectives and adverbs gives color and life to the essay. In the body, the author focuses on three independent features and even may give examples so his or her readers for better understanding of  what he is trying to pay attention.  In this part of the descriptive essay, the readers can see whom the author is related to the topic.
  • Conclusion. This is the last important part of the  format of descriptive essays. The writer resumes his views and opinions about the subject  or the object of studying.  It depends on the author’s imagination and  his own analysis of the topic.

Thus, following of these three steps for essay formatting the format of descriptive essays  helps  in successful  writing of the  essay.  If all the necessary information is laid down, the  writer will finish his or her  article without any difficulties.  A writer can check his outline missed points in the essay.  For this purpose, all he needs is to add some artistic words in the text.

Efficient steps  for writing a descriptive essay

In order to follow the previous parts , you shouldn’t forget about  the basic steps for writing a descriptive essay:

1. Selection of the  subject or object.

Observation is the dominant part of writing a good description. For example, for describing a place, go there and write down the sights, sounds, surroundings. The descriptive essay draws a picture for the reader. Try to use descriptive devices and the senses.

2. Selection of  dominant details. Select the details that support the main impression

3. Organization of  details. The paragraphs in a descriptive essay should be structured chronologically or from general to specific. Descriptive essays can also use narrative or exemplification patterns.

4. Usage of  descriptive words.

Do not use ambiguous words or generalities (good, bad, beautiful). Use susceptive and descriptive. Do not forget to provide sensory details: smells, sounds, sights, touch, taste.

5. Making a logical conclusion

Use descriptive words in the conclusion. Make sure that the conclusion is logical and well structured.

6. Usage of  clear and vivid  language.

The words and phrases should be chosen carefully and be relevant. They should correspond to the things you are going to describe.

7. The right organization of information

While writing your essay, you may  easily mix incoherent flow of emotions and senses. However, try to follow a logical description.  As the result,  the reader should have  a clear impression of your essay.

One of your objectives is to evoke a  sense of conversancy and appreciation in the reader. If the reader can’t remove his eyes from your essay, we congratulate you! It is clear, that you’ve got an effective essay!

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