Food Experience (Essay Sample)

Food Experience

When people are asked about their food experience, they smile and recall the best culinary they had. It is also good that people are becoming more adventurous now when it comes to trying something new. In addition to this, there are more innovations in the food industry today than ever before which makes it more enticing to those who are unfamiliar with a certain type of food. Actually, aside from satisfying hunger, food also helps in other facets of life. For instance, people like to think while munching on a snack because it helps stimulate their brain. Come to think of it, food is also meant for the brain because one cannot function properly without eating enough.

They say that gourmet food gives the real experience which is kind of true because there is a fascinating process that goes on before it is served to the person. They can be a little pricey, but rest assured they are made using fine ingredients. It is important that when enjoying food, health comes into mind because eating fresh food is definitely better. One of the best food experiences I had was when I ate in a restaurant that served French gourmet food overlooking the mountains. Before one can dine there, a reservation is required and they do not allow rubber slippers because they want to maintain the decency of the place. When you are ordering food, they will present you with a menu that does not have confusing selections, but what they serve is definitely worth it. The prices of the food they serve are higher than most, but people come here for the taste and the view of the mountains. Dining in this kind of view is incomparable to just eating at home no matter how good the food is. While others will not bother to take note of this, there are still a lot of food enthusiasts who do not feel guilty about spending this much on food.

Another unforgettable food experience one can have is when he or she eats something for the first time and only trusting their instincts that it will be good. This is when people are more curious and adventurous about something they have never tasted before. It could also depend on the place where they are going to eat. For instance, when someone travels to Bangkok, there are a lot of street foods that can be bought and these are not typical because some of them are insects. They can be bought for a cheap price and a traveler will be able to taste crickets and other insects that re actually edible and nutritious. Some will not be open to trying this, but to make the trip memorable and worthwhile, there are those who will. This is not the wildest food trip one can have because in other countries, they serve live seafood and they only put vinegar before eating it.

In France, they make the goose’s liver fatty so it can be eaten later on. It is one of the most expensive delicacies one can enjoy from their country. The process may be inhumane, but some people will not mind getting a taste of it. They call it Foie Gras and the French will forever be known for it aside from the fact that they are the culinary capital of the world.

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