Fickle Minded People (Essay Sample)

Fickle Minded People

While there are people that hold strong to their truths and beliefs, and even to just baseless opinions, there are also individuals who change their minds as quick as a blink of an eye. Some heroes die to what they hold dear and true like nations, loved ones, and vocation. On the other hand, fickle minded people change their minds, their loyalties, and their dedication towards anyone or anything so easily and quickly. Especially with today’s social media, so many people are prone to being fickle minded. More and more are being vulnerable to becoming one, and so many have the high tendencies to be fickle minded forever.

In social media, people just take any side. They will just oppose anyone or anything even when prior to that, he had just the same notion with the post or person. For example, a guy who has a pet dog always plays with his dog by throwing food at it that it could not catch. He always finds it funny every time his dog fails to catch the food but he loves the dog anyway and does not mean any harm for it. It just the way they play together. However, when he finds a video on social media about a dog constantly thrown food by its owners and 99% failing to catch his treat, the guy just gets mad. He rants on the comment about how cruel the dog owner is and how he does not deserve to own a dog because he does not know how to take care of it. This example just shows how fickle his mind is. This happens constantly on social media where an individual just suddenly gets so angry and self righteous about things that he naturally laughs hysterically about before or in person. These fickle minded people are super sensitive about racism, sexism, abuse, and all kinds of self righteousness when in actuality they just find it okay in person or they actually do not care at all, but they would appear so strongly opinionated online anyway.

Fickle minded people are also noticeable offline. There are people, for example, in a group of friends who first agreed with you to do this certain activity on the weekend but when you and him meets up with the rest of your friends and someone else suggests something, then his loyalty to your agreement with him transfers to your other friend. Or perhaps, for example, you have a friend and he already committed to play ball with you on Sunday but then suddenly on Sunday he bails because his girlfriend suddenly wants to go out with him. In another sense, an example of mass fickle mindedness is of citizens who have very nice things to say about the candidate they are voting for on the elections. But then halfway through the government official’s term, along all the negativity on media, the voter changes his mind about how actual awful that politician is. Or some individual hates skateboarding and even looks down on people that skateboards but when his celebrity idol hints about how she is interested in skateboarding, all of a sudden, the fan becomes indulged in skateboarding.

Fickle minded people are individuals you can barely trust. You can’t even call what they have as  a quick change of loyalty or devotion because it is not allegiance or dedication at all if it changes.

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