Fear Is Simply The Consequence Of Every Lie (Essay Sample)

No individual in this world has survived life without overcoming his or her fears. The everyday struggle of people is what makes them strong. Bravery is what everybody needs to survive everyday life. In order to achieve our life goals we have to be determined in everything that we do. We should always keep in mind that every challenge will pass and everything will be back in track. The only thing that will hinder our determination will be fear. It is the only thing will weaken anyone. The question in everyone’s head will be how to overcome that fear. Why do we even fear?

A person fears something or someone when it caused trauma in his or her life. The initial reaction of a person when something hurt him or her is to fear whatever it is that caused him or her pain. The problem with fear is when it affects someone’s life negatively; it will cause the trauma to affect the person’s decision-making. When the decision-making has been affected by the fear, there is a possibility for the person to make up stories and tell lies. The lie’s that has been told will be the artificial reality of the person with trauma. Traumatic experiences of people will be the reason why they fear most things that is not normally feared by some.

People who are afraid tend to lie most of the times to escape the truth. When people fear the truth, they lie and make life easier for them to accept. They create their make believe world and their own reality. That reality functions as their playground and safe place when everything in the real world seemed messed up by fear. Lying to their selves while daydreaming and fantasizing about different scenarios that is beautiful and not scary. Some also mix their life of lies with the scary reality that they cannot bear.

People and life is too complicated things that when mixed can make such a wonderful existence. But sometimes there are things that are meant to be together but is way too hard to control. Fear is always with people, but in life, you cannot always live with fear. Tragedies and chaos can happen when fear affects a life of an individual in a way that even the person itself cannot handle. We should control our fear or else it will be the one controlling us. Be in control of your own life and own fear is the key to live happily. A person who lets fear control his life is a person whose life is a lie.

Fear is simply the consequence of every lie because when a person lied about his life he instantly live scared. Scared that people might found out that everything in his life is nothing but a big lie. Fear starts from fear itself and lies flower with every fear that a person made. When lying becomes the solution to every fear, it becomes the biggest problem. Fright and dishonest when collide with each other creates a complicated problem that results with distrust among circle of people. When trust issues starts, the people around a circle will have difficulties talking out their fears.

The person who do not have anyone to talk about their fears often becomes introvert and problematic in socializing. When a person lacks in socialization they become fearful of what other people might think towards their action. This leads to another cycle of fearing and lying about his or her life. Faking stories and making people believe in those lies makes a scared person happy. This will make them create more fake stories and lies to be able to forget their fears.

When scared by something, what we have to do is face it, overcome it by accepting the truth, and believe that you can get through it. Lying will not solve any problem nor dissolve any fear. Instead, it will make the fear worse that anything. Lie is the seed and fear is the flower, tolerating a lie is like watering the seed until it blooms into a flower.

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