Favorite Hobby (Essay Sample)

Favorite Hobby

Each day comes with a new challenge. There are tasks that people have to engage in on a daily basis to make ends meet. These tasks are not necessarily what one likes. However, they have to do them to ensure that they earn a living or help in the building of a nation. In doing these tasks, there are some tasks that people do, which they enjoy doing and does not necessarily have to be an income earner to them. Hobbies are activities that people engage in to help them escape from the usual tasks that are bound to them. Hobbies are things that a person likes and can do them without being compelled. Indeed, hobbies give a peace of mind and are a source of pleasure to the one involved.

Gardening is my hobby. Nothing gives me pleasure than seeing the work of my hands bearing fruit. Planting of flowers and seeing them blossom derives pleasure to me more than anything. Not only do I grow flowers, but I also grow vegetables. From the stage of preparing the garden, planting and ultimately harvesting, gardening is the best thing that one can engage in as a hobby. If I have to read about what am dealing with, it does not take much of my time and I must admit that it is equally fun learning about gardening then applying.

I like gardening as it also keeps me fit in the process. Unlike other tasks that people engage in on a daily basis that may include sitting in an office or classroom, gardening makes use of your body strength, hence keeping you fit. Garden preparation involves tilling which requires manpower. It involves moving around the compound and clearing the area then tilling the land. After this is done, watering is necessary to ensure that there is good aeration in the soil. This is where one feels proud of his/her work. It’s like giving life to something. After this is done, it is necessary to apply manure on the tilled land and mix the soil yet again for purposes of ensuring even distribution.

With great precise, planting the seedlings is the next step, which is the sole reason of gardening. Without the plants, the land is just like any other place in the compound. From the preparation stage to planting stage, gardening is a source of exercise that keeps me fit and makes me proud of the environment. Some of the advantages of gardening other than keeping me fit is that it also promotes the aesthetics of the compound. The compound and home at large gets a beautiful view. Some sense of life and the presence of active family members. What follows next is taking care of the plants until they are ready for harvesting. These whole process is diverse and does not cause boredom at all. The hope of seeing grown plants is what keeps one focused in the exercise.

Other benefits of gardening includes cutting costs of buying vegetables and flowers whenever we need them at home. I usually don’t mind about the amount that the family saves, but I look at something better than that. Fresh vegetables from my garden are free from harmful pesticides that are applied to vegetables that we obtain from the shops. Eating our home grown vegetables minimizes the risks of diseases that emanate from some genetically modified products from the shops. The flowers also come in handy as we use them for birthday presents as well as celebration of anniversaries. With all these benefits inevitable, my garden is my pride.

Gardening as a hobby, gives me great pleasure as well as a derivation of a peace of mind. Not only is gardening my hobby, I have realized that it has got several benefits ranging from keeping me fit in as far as the activities involved are concerned to saving the family purchase of vegetables and flowers for anniversaries and birthdays.

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