Factors That Contribute To Lifestyle Diseases (Essay Sample)

Lifestyle diseases refer to diseases whose occurrences principally is because of daily habits practiced by people causing an unfitting relationship with the environment. The conditions, namely, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular ailments, cancer and respiratory diseases are increasingly contributing to burdens suffered by people, families, societies and a country with effects such as people dying younger and straining of the health sector. The essay will look at contributing factors to these diseases.

The principal contributing factor is diet and nutrition. The food we consume contributes immensely to health and well-being. Healthy eating helps to reduce the risks of chronic illnesses, improve health and aid an individual to sustain a healthy weight by providing the right nutrients in right amounts. The recommended healthy diet comprises of a variety of vegetables, fruits, grains, low-fat products, proteins, and oils. Eating of processed foods, fast foods, and soft drinks, which is a common practice in western countries, contributes significantly to the onset of chronic ailments such as obesity and cardiovascular diseases. It is because; these diets are high in saturated fat, salt, fewer vegetables, and fruits, providing more calories that are unnecessary to the body. Additionally, a diet needs to be in the appropriate portion. Eating healthy foods but in the larger portions such as of carbohydrates, results in increased weight that consequences in obesity.

Physical activity is another contributor to lifestyle diseases. Because of modernization throughout the world, a sedentary lifestyle has replaced day-to-day physical activities. People spend extended periods sitting, reading, driving, watching television or using computers with little or no movement. Additionally, while engaging in these activities, people tend to overfeed on junk foods, which further exacerbate the situation. Physical activity is any muscle movement that gets the body to burn energy. It is estimated that persons that engage in exercises for more than thirty minutes per day either, jogging, running, walking, skipping or cycling enjoy numerous health benefit. Physical activity helps to reduce body weight, blood pressure and improve mental health while decreasing instances of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, and obesity.

Tobacco use is the most preventable source of poor health among people, yet a considerable number of people still use it while others take up the habit on a daily basis.  Smoking is a fatal behavior that increases the chances of suffering from a stroke; it facilitates the formation of clots, thickens blood and escalates the buildup of plaque in arteries. Quitting smoking is a welcomed decision advised to many smokers. Its discontinuance has the benefits of removing extra carbon monoxide from the blood stream, cleaning of the lung, saving money and reducing the risks of a heart attack.

Alcohol consumption is a common habit practiced by numerous people worldwide.   The consumption is primarily as a way of unwinding and celebrating. Its use attracts a controversy on its helpfulness and dangers. Negligible amounts of two drinks reduce occurrences of coronary heart diseases and increase good cholesterol. Nevertheless, it is noteworthy that the said benefits are achievable through other means. Regular consumption, on the other hand, contributes immensely to the development of non-communicable illnesses such as liver ailments, some cancers and cardiovascular problems such as the increased danger of stroke and high blood pressure. Advice to avert these repercussions includes drinking in moderation of two drinks for men and one drink for women.

The western lifestyle commonly practiced in numerous countries of feeding on fast foods, TV, computers, and drinking is weighing down on the world’s health. It is increasing the cases of obesity, alcoholism, smokers, and individuals that practice passive lifestyles that greatly attract lifestyle diseases. Embracing a healthy living of good nutrition and proper diet, physical exercise and abandoning smoking and drinking of alcohol is vital to contest these diseases.

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