Factors Influencing Social Policy (Essay Sample)


A social policy is a regulation applied by the government or an operating organization to impose disciplinary action for every individual or stakeholder that is connected with the affairs of the institution. This is a term that is used to promote equality and equity to the affected audience. There are guidelines and principles that are imposed by the initiating party, which can provide a general rule for the stakeholders to follow. This is because there is a social need towards any stakeholders to grant their rights and freedom to sustain their lifestyle, behavior, practices, and custom. A social policy is an interdisciplinary concept and application to respect the needs of the public that affect sociology, economics, history, law, history, anthropology, theology, philosophy, and psychology.

A political factor is important for influencing social policies because every society or institution has regulations that are needed to be followed and respected by the public. These are rules and regulations to keep the community in order. Rules and regulations are important because it seeks to protect the interest of the public by means of imposing several political applications to ensure that the society implements discipline. This is because there are always elements of the society that risks the safety and prosperity of the community. Laws are essential to protect the dignity of each civilian so that any risk of abuse can be prevented through law enforcement activities. In this case, social policy becomes reliable with the constituents because they are protected by the law enforcements. Laws are essential because there are corresponding punishments applied for those who will break and abuse any policy that intends to preserve the dignity of the society.

Social factor influences social policies because there is an influential impact that can be made by the public regarding certain rules and regulations. If there are abusive authorities that generate public outcry, people power or a revolution is set to take place over the streets. If there is a public outcry, it can influence lawmakers to review and revise the current laws so that similar incidents will not happen in the future such as violence and abuse of authority. An economic factor is also an influential stance that can change existing social policy. This is because when there is a scarcity of resources, lawmakers will be reviewing a social policy that can change the system of businesses. The prices of commodities and services act as a buffer indicator, which influences a social policy to change the lifestyle of the public due to the availability of raw materials.

Factors are needed to be considered in a serious manner because social policies are always resurrected whenever there are wrongdoings that happen to a certain group or an institution. A public outcry is a clear indication that an existing social policy made by an organization or a government institution can be considered inefficient. This is because there are negative reactions that can cause an institution to suffer from lapses with its current policies. Reviewing social policies on a regular basis is important because it seeks to regulate an existing law, which could enable new tactics and policies to stabilize. Having a controlled social policy is regularly observed because officials or administrators are always at risk for abusing their powers, which could endanger the interest of the stakeholders (Eilperin & Mufson, 2015).


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