Face Is The Index Of Mind (Essay Sample)

Face Is The Index Of Mind

The physical body is regarded as the outward embodiment of the mind. Any activity that happens in the mind is therefore manifested through the physical body. For instance, the rough mind of individual results in the rough body instead of manifesting love or mercy. Besides, a loving mind will be manifested by care for others around. The face is described as the index of mind since it evidently reflects the inner feelings of an individual. This situation is similar to the tongue which can be described as the index of the stomach. The tongue tastes first before allowing the food to the stomach. One may react to bad taste by spitting away. The activities of the mind include thinking, feeling and willing. The ability of face and body to manifest activities of the mind implies that a transformation occurs from the mental condition to the physical condition.

The physical body follows the activities processed in the mind and adjusts accordingly. For instance, when the mind of an individual thinks of falling from a certain height, the physical body adjusts to this situation instantly and the signs of expecting pain are manifested on the face. Such signs that become conspicuous on the face can include fear and anxiety. Sometimes when expecting something interesting, it manifests on the face through signs of cheerfulness and general smiles. The face manifests varied feelings of the mind. The various impressions of the face, therefore, indicate the processes taking place in the mind at a particular time.

Most times the eyes are regarded as the windows to the soul and mind of an individual. If one manages to read the signs manifested in the eyes, then it implies understanding activities running in the mind. The study of biology suggests that eyes have telegraphic instruments that relay information of different feelings from the mind. Such feelings can be love, peace, hatred, beauty, depression, and others. Studying the eyes of an individual means reading their minds. The signs in the face, therefore, illustrate the dominant feelings and thoughts deep in mind. After understanding mental thoughts, one can act appropriately to salvage any situation. For instance, after understanding an individual is angry, one will react in a good way to prevent unnecessary conflicts or hurt.

The face is regarded as an index of mind because it produces sentiments, thoughts, modes and emotional feelings in a very strong way as compared to other parts of the body. Some scholars see the face as an advertisement of real occurrences deep in the mind. Some people may think they have kept their secrets to themselves and not ready to reveal. However, the face easily betrays one in regards to the hidden thoughts. Bad feelings of anger, jealousy, greed, lust, revenge, and hatred can never be hidden for long from someone who has the ability to read facial reactions. The face faithfully records and registers all activities running in the mind. It is described as the index of mind since it acts as a polished mirror to show the nature of mind and its activities.

It is, therefore, possible to conclude that through the activities of the face and general body reactions, one can understand the situation of mind. Other body parts react to conditions of the mind in varied forms. For instance, the hand may react to anger by fighting while the leg reacts by kicking. The face through different impressions becomes the main manifestation of occurrences in the mind of an individual at a particular time and in response to any changes in the environment.

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