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Expository essay is an essay that has an aim to explain some phenomenon and prove it by providing facts and real life examples. Below you can find a sample of expository essay on the topic: “The Chemistry of Love”.
Love is has been a sublime feeling since the beginning of literature existing. All representatives of creative professions such as artists, poets and philosophers wondered what the origin of love is, what are its reasons and recipes. However, 21st century made people more pragmatic and they started assuming that love has biological origins. Technological progress gave scientists a chance to investigate this issue and present valid arguments that prove the theory about chemical groundings of love.

The Chemistry of Love

Dr. Helen Fisher, prominent anthropologist at Rutgers University, states that love is a holistic system therefore it can be divided into 3 independent subsystems: romantic love, attachment and sex drive. Sex drive is important as it makes a person start looking for a partner. Romantic love helps person to hold focus on one partner. Attachment is crucial factor for building reliable and long-lasting relationship with the partner selected during the period of romantic love. None of these subsystems would exist without a driving force that would operate and impact person’s behavior.  In spite of the fact that love is closely connected with psychology no one can argue against the fact that it is fueled by hormones. That is the reason why expression “love chemistry” is totally justified. Romantic love or so called attraction stage is driven by dopamine and serotonin. Sex drive stage can’t exist without testosterone and estrogen. Attachment is sustained by vasopressin and oxytocin.

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Estrogen and testosterone are respectively female and male hormones that are responsible for lust, sex-related reactions and motivation to look for the partner. Those hormones cause the presence of sex drive, however specialists declare that exactly these hormone give start to romantic feelings, as sex increases the influx of the dopamine into the brain. Dopamine and serotonin cause euphoria and are responsible for the good mood. The same hormones are secreted after taking drugs; that is why feeling of love is often compared to being “high”. Because of these hormones a person can feel happy, act impulsively or get stuck by the object of love. Attachment is the most long lasting phase of love. It is driven by the hormone oxytocin, which is responsible for the bonds of mother and child, in particular. It is believed that this hormone is secreted when two partners get intimate. That is why we can conclude that serious relation is more about tenderness and care than turbulent feelings.

All the information presented above allows us to understand expression “love chemistry” literally. Love is not only natural psychological process, but a result of our body reaction to the hormones influx during the different period of the relationships. Sex drive is regulated by testosterone and estrogen that make us look for the new partners. Dopamine and serotonin affect our brain in the moment of intimacy and causes the symptoms of romantic love. Oxytocin and vasopressin reinforce the love when it develops into the serious feeling. Despite the claims that love is purely sublime and dolmen feeling it has a lot in common with chemistry and biology.

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