Essay About Women Empowerment, How To Write

How to Write an Essay about Women Empowerment

The topic of women empowerment has become a major issue all over the world over the past few decades. The fight to gain equal treatment in a world that already undermines the female species has become a tough one with ladies getting support from all current governments. Human right activists and non-governmental agencies have put emphasis on prioritizing woman empowerment.

The first step towards writing this essay is describing the term women empowerment at length. While describing it, remember to mention all the areas concerned including social, political, economic and legal issues. A good description should also include a few examples of human rights that are violated when the female species is undermined.

The body of your essay is the main area of focus, and therefore emphasis should be put on ensuring it is comprehensive enough. This point of the article is the part that should bear all the most important points about advantages of empowering women and even possible disadvantages (if any) about the same and therefore should be about three or four paragraphs.  Begin by writing down the general importance of ladies in the society. Explain and give relevant examples and scenarios that make women important and worthy of being given equal rights and treatments as men.

The next paragraph should be your next point. Make sure you maintain distinct points for each and every paragraph you write. The writer could dedicate this subsection to talking about the importance of women empowerment to the society and most importantly how empowerment helps the ladies themselves. Use this paragraph also to mention and give examples of the kinds of things that the female species is denied in the society. Write about how they are perceived in different cultures around the world and how it affects their wellbeing. Under this point, the writer could add a brief argument of the seriousness with which the idea of empowering women has been taken. Mention the steps that have been taken so far towards ensuring equal treatment or rather, gender equality.

The millennium development goals (MDGs), comprise of women empowerment and yet some parts of the world do not consider it a priority issue. This paragraph should give reasons why women are still underrated in certain regions of the world and on the other hand, explain why this should be considered a priority issue. To make your essay more interesting, you could mention a few cases where women have defied the myth that makes them be considered weak and instead taken over positions or roles that were initially meant for men. Elaborate how such ladies have done it even with a lot of rebellion.

Lack of empowerment on the girl child has diverse effects on both men and women. Discrimination against the girl child including economic discrimination, gender-based violence, harmful traditional practices and reproductive health inequities remain the most known pervasive and persistent forms of inequalities. This paragraph could, therefore, contain information on the effects of oppressing the girl child. Still, on the same point, the author could expound further and talk about the how the lack of education or general knowledge is one of the causes of oppression on the female species since most women are talked into doing some things because they do not have the necessary or even basic knowledge.

The body of an essay about women empowerment wouldn’t be complete without talking about the actions being taken towards empowerment of the girl child. Speak to the organizations that have been formed to see empowerment process through, what the organizations are doing to support the idea, and if they are getting support from the government, well-wishers, and volunteers. Write about several countries that have received a positive feedback towards their empowerment efforts. Put down the methods that such countries are employing. Do not also fail to give the areas of the world that are of a contrary opinion to empowering the female species. Identify and write what such countries or regions are lacking, and what they should embrace if they should expect good results.

Finally, the conclusion, this paragraph is also sensitive since it contains a summary of all the issues you have talked about in your essay and your recommendations on the same. The author is therefore required to give an overview of all matters in summary form and say if he or she supports the idea. He or she is also required to recommend where possible and correct where necessary. The recommendations offered by the writer should be reasonable, achievable and most importantly, sustainable. Essay writing is a good way to put your ideas on paper and encourage critical thinking. It is also a good way to express views and thoughts on issues that affect daily lives.

Outline Sample

  • Introduction
    A description of the topic question and issues surrounding the issue at hand.
  • Body
    Expounding on the topic question and assigning a paragraph for each point. Discuss each point further, giving examples where necessary.
  • Conclusion
    Summary of all the discussed points. Recommendations from the author.
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