Essay About My Dreams

Essay about dreams

Dreams, dreams…. People like to say, that without dreams person cannot exist. And I totally agree with that, because without any aim in life you do not have any sense for living. Even if you ask a young child, what he or she wants to achieve in life, he will answer immediately.

We were always taught, that we have to want more than we have. But very often I can hear that people say “ Oh, yes, I want it, but I will never get it” or “It`s impossible”. You can be sure, if you think so, then you will never get it at all. Or, in my opinion, if you still don’t have it, then you just don’t need it.

But from my experience I can surely say, that, of course, just dreaming is not always enough. That is why I want to propose you some advice how to achieve your dreams and be successful.

I`m sure that everyone of us has dreams, and more often they are quite unreal, like, I want a million dollars, or a sport car, or I want that my husband will be a prince on a white horse. But my next question will be – so what do YOU do just to achieve them? So my first advice is – choose five of your most important dreams, write them down in your copybook (each dream on a new page),  and then, under the each of a dream make a plan how you want to achieve it. For example, if you want a million dollars (don`t dream that you will find them on the street), so how are you going to earn them, or how are you going to collect them, if you know an economic well, so why not put out them. And as all girls want to find a prince, think, are you sure that you look like a princess, so maybe it`s a perfect time to start visiting the gym?

Maps always help us to find a way from everywhere, so why not make a map for your own life. I usually call it – “Map of dreams”. You can make it in such way: you are dreaming about visiting of exiting foreign countries. So find their pictures on the internet, print and put them into your map. You can also add there your photos, as you are, as a matter of fact, in these countries. Maybe you are dreaming about you three stored house, you can even draw it on your own (how you imagine it). And, believe me, before you could say Jack Robinson, you could make a real photos of all of these.

Some people can be quite talkative and they often like to tell about their own life. Do not behave in such way. People have a bad quality to be jealous, or they like to insure you, that it is impossible or unreal, so very soon you will catch yourself on the idea that you will stop believing in your dreams and it is the most unpleasant thing that can happen with you. I want to cite as an example for you a very inspire parable: “Once a man was going to work an thinking – My life is awful, my work is boring, my wife is quarrelsome, my children are stupid. There was an angel near to him, and he was writing down all his words. He said such phrase – It is strange, he orders the same thing every day.” That is why you MUST always have a positive thinking and you should never cease to have faith in yourself. Make your dream into a burning desire. You have to turn our dreams into a burning desire in our hearts and souls. If you have a strong desire to achieve your dreams, then it will  boosts your self-confidence and will aid you in solving some of the worst stages of your life. The manner to turn your dream into a burning desire is to place confidence that your dream is achievable and that you can achieve it because you are the best.

You have to start the action now.  On my opinion, some people think that they would live for five hundred years, and it becomes a habit to postpone all important things for tomorrow. Never do this, take each day as it comes. And soon you will notice that all you dreams will drop from the clouds.

Embrace Failure. Sometimes the failure when you are doing something new is implied. You cannot be taught without it. Recall yourself in childhood, how did you learn to walk without falling? Here’s another quote, “Decent decisions come from the experience. And experience comes from incorrect decisions.” The success seldom happens in one night. Success often comes after endless pains of hard work. But we seldom observe this unpleasant side of doing back breaking work. We like to read the stories of instant success and become disposed when our own projects ruins. After this, we often give up. Did you know that the designers who made (the world wide used game) Angry Birds made fifty one other games before it became so popular?

You’ll meet with failing, and of course you will accomplish mistakes. Like a real warrior you will be on a war field, before you will get a long expected prize. But always remember that the satisfaction that you will get at the end, you will remember forever.

So what are you dreaming about? Think about it all the time. Then write it down in details. Even this one exercise will bring you wonderful enjoyment. Make it as a routine of reflection your dreams and repeating your dreams by re-writing them with new additions.

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