Environmental Protection And Conservation Of Ecosystem (Essay Sample)

Environmental Protection And Conservation Of Ecosystem

Amendments on laws, implementing strict policies, and deploying scout rangers – are just some of guidelines that governments across the globe have been observing in order to maximize the protection for the environment. In the fast growing society, often we overlooked a vital or key points on how we achieve our status today, and it is due to our environment. We are in debt with the nature, as it was the one that provides our raw material to construct and develop our current consumer items like those from what we eat to things that provides us happiness like our gadgets and other materials.

In protecting our environment, numerous steps have been established by many sectors both private and public offices across the world and even joint effort to provide wide range of service and large financial and labour support. Amongst the program developed to contain the situation and further protect our environment are passing bills that directly tackles the fair trade agreement for industries that depends basically with the environment such as fishermen relies their product towards the sea, and other jobs alike. To add more information regarding to for this step,  there have been laws that mandates the proper waste disposal management in which it protects the environment from the harmful byproduct or waste given off from the plants such as chemical waste and toxic air. And to note, scout rangers or forest rangers have been deployed to many environmental rich areas to provide security and maintain peace and order. Additionally, there have been projects establishing a place called sanctuary to temporarily take care of animals and if possible send them back to the wild in which they belong there.

In protecting the animals and maintaining the biodiversity of our ecosystem a strong action for conservation must be initiated.  Luckily, there have been movements and organizations that promotes on making sure that animals and their homes are protected. Animals that have been very in demand in market for trading industry like for clothing and food, are animals that have been part of long list and still growing list of animals that are considered to be endangered in which sooner or later, If we don’t act now, might disappear from the face of the earth and shall only be seen through videos and pictures. That is why government and organizations have been teaming up to make sure such animals won’t be smuggled to other nation. In another point of view, we also need to keep the animal’s natural habitat be preserved to maintain the balance of their life. In some reports and accounts, animals have been roaming around villages and streets which causes panic and fear to people residing inside. The assumption of reason why these animals strayed off to people’s houses are due to big problem for their habitat, as it was destroyed due to natural calamity like floods and rain, or by means of human activities like converting forest into residential or commercial areas. This kind of scenario creates disturbance to animals causing them to travel to cities.

Generally, we have to keep it in our mind that protecting the environment and keeping the balance of ecosystem is a serious business. In the past few years we have seen the effect of human activity that puts thousands of lives into danger due to aggressive land transformation affecting great number of forests, along with the reducing population of animals that leads to extinction of some due to uncontrolled human hunting. If we take this issue for granted, the potential of upcoming threat of natural disaster lies open widely for us and towards to next generation. We need to maximize our effort to reduce our toxic waste and manage properly our resources, in these ways we can assure a bright future to the young ones.

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