Employees Roles And Responsibilities (Essay Sample)


The common workplace consists of different people who contribute to the success of an organization. Each person ranging from the managers to the employees has a significant role to play in the organization no matter how small the role may be. They all constitute a larger cause that results in the propulsion of the organization further in achieving its goals and objectives. Therefore, the employees should know their roles in conjunction with their managers. Once the roles and responsibilities are known, work in the organization becomes easier and the efficiency of the employees will also be increased. The roles and responsibilities also create a sense of accountability within the employees and they get causes to work for. Some of the major roles and responsibilities are discussed in this paper.

Team Playing

Team playing is an important role that every employee should play to facilitate the growth of an organization. It is a fundamental requirement that needs to be observed by every employee. Team playing enables an individual work easily with others by overseeing the differences that each of them possesses and appreciating other people as well as the efforts that they put in working in an organization. The division of the employees into groups also emphasizes teamwork in an organization. Grouping the employees into groups of people with similar abilities and qualifications helps in ensuring the accomplishment of specific tasks in accordance to the organization’s aims and objectives. The main responsibility accompanied with having teamwork is being accountable for each other employee in a single team.

Technical Expertise

Technical expertise is another important role that each employee needs to play in an organization. Every employee has to undergo training at an academic or vocational institution before he/she gets employed. Training the employees in the matters that they are supposed to handle in an organization is essential in making sure that the tasks are done according to the required specifications. Specificity is important in maintaining the technical expertise. If a task is done by a wrong person, the whole organization may incur losses thus employees are encouraged to be precise with their tasks and work according to the specific orders they are given. The responsibilities involved in having technical expertise is making sure that the tasks at hand are done according to the objectives of the organization. Another responsibility is to ensure that the results of the work done reflects the values of the organization.


Development is another key role that should be played by the employees as well as the managerial staff. Changing times dictate that the development of different matters are observed in an organization. Factors such as technology and political stability cause different waves in various organizations. Therefore, each employee in an organization should equip him/herself with methods they can use to develop the organization in its different departments. This calls for a sense of creativity in those involved with making the development programs. Development should come both intellectually and physically to bring a balanced workforce in the organization. The responsibility accompanied by development is ensuring that the organization can withstand different changes in its environment. It also serves to aid the organization in satisfying the never-ending needs of its consumers within its timeline.


The roles and responsibilities depicted are fundamental for the survival of any organization. Their inclusion in the workforce makes it necessary to continually train the employees to grasp new knowledge periodically. Each role and responsibility caters for a different aspect of the organization. Once incorporated, the employees become formidable in their work thus efficiency and quality are produced to the highest standards.

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