Effects Of Ragging On Students (Essay Sample)

Effects of ragging on students

Ragging refers to the action of scolding, criticizing and nagging students. The art is perpetrated and committed by senior students or those on the leadership position in the school. Most probably, the vice often takes place in hostels. Ragging has degenerated to a more severe inhumanity like torturing of innocent souls. Shockingly, few students who resist and report the matter to the school authorities are tortured and subjected to other inhumane arts. Despite the negligible positive effects of ragging on students, it should be condemned and discouraged. Relevant school stakeholders and authorities ought to draw effective steps and action against ragging.

The psychological effects of ragging are immeasurable. Quite often, it takes place in colleges and hostels. Torture and humiliation associated with ragging have enormous implications for the entire life of students. The senior students in every hostel create a sense of humiliation and fear onto the mind of the newly admitted students. They act and behave like super gods to their colleagues. No single individuals would dare interfere with their ways. These psychological torture torment young, ambitious and promising students during their studies. They lose focus and self-determination in studies. Psychologically distressed students may engage in drug and substances abuse. Meanwhile, others may end up participating in criminal activities like raping and robbery. Though some students may feel ragging as a socio cultural problem, however, it has contributed to more social problems like fighting, physical injuries, deaths which ruin brilliant carries in the society.

In the beginning, ragging was perceived as an official form of welcoming and introducing new students to their senior colleagues. Either, it was meant to harden off newcomers for efficient survival within the challenging and daring situation in the institution. The art was noble and fancy in either way. There was no revenge and insult as opposed to modern trends. Teasing new students little a bit was meant to make them adjust and conform to their new friendship groups. Precisely, ragging was orchestrated to enhance self-awareness of newly admitted students about their senior colleagues obsessed with deterring them from their ideal pursuits. The art positively helped the newcomers to adopt socially accepted behaviors and clear the notion of old eccentricity. Contrary from the typical objective of ragging, excessive enforcement of bullying hampers students’ confidence, expectation, and aspiration. Most importantly, ragging reduces high spirits to work hard as they remain in a depression for a long time.

Poor and disabled students are the most affected victims of ragging. They are assaulted and intimidated by their senior colleagues leaving them with lifetime psychological discord. The assaults consistently haunt the newcomers and generate chronic mental disorders. Such victims develop the feeling of revenge to their new colleagues. They derive pleasure and desire from intimidating and teasing new students. According to scientists, continuous ragging contributes to chronic psychological imbalance from emotional vulnerability. Such students could undergo frequent outburst, the primary signs of emotional disconnection. In conclusion, ragging is a staid tool for mistreating and punishing poor students. It should be discouraged due to its dire aftermaths repercussion and health threatening condition.

Finally, the reports on various criminal delinquencies are attributed to ragging on students. More specifically, sexually abused students are isolated and depressed. The majority of them lose hope in life and commit suicide. Besides, the trauma, depression, and failures to thrive in academic, victims generate a chain of reactions into their adulthood career. Such individuals become defiance to all authority. In conclusion, ragging has various eminent effects on students. Necessary measures should be put in control to curb the consequences of ragging, particularly on newly admitted students. The government and the relevant stakeholders should be invited to establish proper ways of managing the menace in all institutions.

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