Effects Of French Revolution In India (Essay Sample)


The French Revolution was one of the major historical revolutions that revitalized the European society. The revolution generated a change in the political, social, economic, and security structures that changed the systems in Europe. It was an incident that occurred between 1789 and 1799 wherein France made a significant upheaval that generated a new political expansion of the French society as a form of an extending empire. It was a period when Napoleon established an empire in Europe that generated a massive security concern over its neighboring countries. Napoleon established himself as the Emperor of France, creating a massive havoc against its allies due to its attempt to revive the Holy Roman Empire’s ideology to reintroduce a massive campaign on establishing a reign of terror across Europe and its global territories overseas.

The effects of the French Revolution affected the political system in India because the subcontinent was previously occupied by France until Napoleon officially rose to power. During the height of the French Revolution, India was affected by the growing pressure by being involved with the rift between the British colonizers and the French settlers. It was when the British Empire took the advantage of invading the Indian subcontinent entirely because France started to lose control over its overseas territory when Napoleon rose to power. As Napoleon transformed France into a new Empire, his concentration towards its overseas territory became a weakness due to its rivalries with other European colonizers to start invading their lands. India slowly conquered by the British forces when Napoleon rose to power, neglecting its responsibilities to other overseas territories and started concentrating on invading nearby territories across Europe.

India transformed into a significant territorial hub of the British Empire, introducing new culture and customs to the entire sub-continent of South Asia. The cultural heritage of India transformed from being governed by France into an English speaking European territory. India’s economic hub transformed into a new dimension, in which British colonizers began shipping local products between India and the British Empire established a new maritime route. Indians started to land in the British Isles during the French Revolution to avoid getting caught in a crossfire between the military forces of the French Empire. India flourished some of the most important economic hubs across the subcontinent, generating numerous ports and cities that provided a place to trade with the British colonizers until the 19th century. The French Revolution was the key milestone for India to fully regain its competitive livelihood by exporting spices to other territories during the 17th and 18th century.

The effect of French Revolution in India made a significant transformation with regard to the safety and security of India. The British forces provided a secured territorial haven for the Indian Territory against other maritime powers such as the Dutch, Spaniards, Portuguese, and Germans during the height of the European exploration. The native people of India also made a trade in Australia and New Zealand because it was a part of the British Empire until the present day. The trade further expanded in the Malay Archipelago when the British forces colonized Malaysia and Hong Kong. The Indian influence across Asia intensified after the French gave them away to the British Power, which made India thankful for the chain of events during the French Revolution in the 17th century (Porter, 2009).


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