Effects Of Broken Family On Teenagers (Essay Sample)

Effects of broken family on teenagers

The family is the cornerstone of the society. Cohesive family strengthens human world. Usually, the family is the child’s first place of contact. Teenagers acquire basic critical education from their families. In other words, the family influences the teenagers’ psychological, spiritual and moral growth and development. Structurally, the family is either broken or intact. Divorce, separation, and illegitimacy lead to a broken family. The teenagers’ moral ethics and values rely on the family peace and cohesiveness. The Broken family have detrimental effects on the school performance of children. The paper will establish the effects of broken family on teenagers.

Teenagers extremely experience deficits in emotional development and depression during separation and divorce. The tearful feelings persist for several years after the divorce.  Teenagers from broken families exhibit poor academic and change of lifestyle. The change in performance results from instability in the home environment. The broken family leads to inadequate financial resources as well as inconsistent routines. The broken family impose several social relationships on teenagers. The distress from broken family prompts the teenagers to act aggressively and engage in bullying behaviors. The anxiety feelings make it difficult for them to join co-curriculum activities and sports. They develop a cynical attitude towards social relationships. Moreover, teenagers from broken family harbor feelings of mistrust towards both parents as well as potential romantic partners.

Separation of parents often prompts the teenagers to change residence. Meanwhile, they cannot catch up with making new friends. Coping in the unfamiliar environment with new and unfriendly people is tiresome due to trust issues. Some teenagers are nervous about their physical appearance in the new environment. Low self-esteem is apparently common with teenagers from broken families. In the extreme cases of divorce, teenagers may commit suicide to avoid stress and any other future eventualities.

Teenagers in the society are often the adolescent group in the community. The stage makes them shy and sensitive to petty issues surrounding their social life. Broken family, either the mother has divorced the father legally or culturally is a greater source of embracement to them. The simple imagination that their family is not normal forces the teenagers to withdraw their attention from the world and create their world. They carry huge guilt to walk together with their age mates. For some teenagers, the embarrassment feelings may be too much for them to handle. They may try to intervene the situation and bring the family back to normal. However, in the event they don’t succeed, then they may become rebellious to their family member. Some of them may live by condemning their family for having contributed to their frustrations in the society.

Parents are the first teachers to shape teenagers’ life. Most importantly, they impact significant values and morals to teenagers. The teenagers especially girls need their mothers to train them on becoming good and decent mothers in the society. Whereas, adolescent boys need their fathers to inculcate morals values and norms expected of them in the society. Separation in the family causes a crisis in the transition of these morals and societal norms. Broken family deny the teenagers physical contact with either one of their parents. For instance, when the mother is away, teenage girls suffer most since they are either left with the dad whom they often fear. Boys, on the other hand, fear their mothers and feel oppressed in the absence of their dad. In conclusion, broken family exposes teenagers to immense psychological and social challenges. Depression, stress, low self-esteem are some of the psychological problems associated with the broken family. The guilt of having abnormal family in the society has made some teenagers to commit suicide.

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