Education Is The Key To A Good Life (Essay Sample)

Education is the key to a good life

Everyone dreams of a good life and many strive to achieve it. Over the last few centuries, education has equipped people with skills and knowledge on how to navigate life challenges thus giving them an upper hand in leading better lives. Through the years, education has been branded the key to good life and many can attest to the validity of this statement. Additionally, other individuals have gone ahead to claim is isn’t only the key to good life, but the life itself. All parents have struggled to take their children to school and cover the cost of their schooling with the hope of brighter future in mind for their children. It has been known to be the best investment for a child to be equipped with knowledge and skills to navigate life’s challenges.

Education helps students learn social skills. Humans are social beings and they are interdependent for survival. Educational centers are excellent places for students to learn social skills. Schools offer a conducive environment for children to learn social skills among other life skills they will need in their lifetime. Therefore, education brings people together and help them understand the intricate human nature, interaction and language which are must-have skills to survive anywhere on our planet. These social and life skills learnt in school help individuals make informed decisions that keep them happy and relevant. Home schooled children also learn these skills from their parents and siblings.

Education plays an important role in human brain development. Children learn how to make informed choices for survival and to enjoy the pleasures of life. It opens the mind of an individual to perceive things differently and objectively thus making the best decisions that propagate their lives forward. Uneducated people decision asking process is based on feelings, emotions and convenience without factual information. It is easy for an ignorant unschooled person to lead himself/herself to trouble because of poor decisions they make in their life. As an educated person, information helps them reduce the likelihood of making unfounded decisions which lead to bad quality life and trouble.  Educated people can analyze situations and information and make decisions that guarantee them a better chance of survival and happiness.

Education also helps individuals learn and acquire training for their careers. They learn the necessary skills and information regarding their professions which become source of their livelihood. Doctors, engineers, teachers, accountants among other professional are all products of education they endured being trained and tested to be prepared for their later careers through which they earn a living. Almost all professions have their roots in some kind of formal education. Through their careers, individuals earn enough to cover their basic needs and any other secondary or tertiary needs they might have. They can also spare some cash for entertainment and fun with friends and family. Without education, earning a living especially in the 21st century is a nightmare since almost all careers are products of an educational process.  Therefore, education leads to a good life through ensuring that the educated earn their living through their careers.

The ways through which education helps lead to a decent life are inexhaustible and they transcend the formal education instituted by governments across the world. However, one thing is undeniable, without education is almost impossible to live a good life. Education must therefore be treated with paramount importance for children to equip them with necessary skills and knowledge necessary for their survival and livelihood. Otherwise, they will likely make costly decisions in their lives which will endanger them and those around them while becoming a burden to their families, friends and the society.

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