Education For All (Essay Sample)


Education is a complementary practice to every society because all people need to learn and become somebody in their adult lives. As a person, learning is an important process of increasing the level of knowledge, skill, and expertise so that they become productive and reliable to the society. After going to school and graduating with a degree, it is important to have a job in the future because it indicates that a person can become someone who can be an inspiring member of the society. Having a job reflects a person’s past educational background for accomplishing a high school diploma and a college degree. A person who has a college degree is usually the most qualified individual to fill up a vacant position to a certain company where they render their employment application.

Education for all prompts the society that every human should go to school in any circumstances. This process reflects the basic human rights that are indicated from the constitutional laws of every state, country, or territory around the world. As indicated from the constitution, every human has the right to be educated because they deserve to have a productive life ahead of their future. As an individual, having the right to influence other people through academic accomplishment is inspirational because it motivates other individuals to become a leader. If there is anyone who has been allegedly causing a deprivation of education to individuals, legal apprehensions are expected to be filed by either the victim or the authorities. These include imprisonment for several months or years, monetary fines, or community service for several weeks depending on the degree of violation towards the victim.

Each person in the world needs education because they can become future leaders that can inspire the world with their active leadership and contribution to the community. The younger generation plays a critical role for undergoing a comprehensive education program so that they can replace the older generations while continuing similar advocacies. The beneficial impact of education is to continue the path of ongoing research and development of various phenomena, insights, and issues that are relevant to the community. Our world has been undergoing a massive transition due to the influence of industrialization because there is a continuous success story brought about by education that never stops creating new applications and norms that are essential to our society. The older generations who were educated has the capability to share their knowledge, experience, and insights to the younger generation to further continue what has been left behind when elderly retire.

Communities promoting education for all are faced with a variety of challenges. The first is the financial issues that are needed to be considered because building education facilities cost billions of dollars before it can accommodate a limited number of students. The second is the area where the proposed institution will be applied because a facility needs a large land area to accommodate students to undergo a comprehensive education program. Implementation of the law is important to pursue a vision to provide education for all. This is because it seeks to provide an essential contribution to any company, institution, or community whenever there are new graduates who are now ready to apply their knowledge and skills that are important for the development of the company or community (Karban, 2015).


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