Eat To Live (Essay Sample)

Eat To Live

Do people eat to live or live to eat? To answer this question, it is important to consider a number of factors that are associated diet and nutrition. “Eat to live” is considered as a concept based on diet where analysts try to examine the significance of nutrient levels and how it enables people to lead a vigorous lifestyle. Nutritionists have emphasized on the significance of maximizing nutrition by adhering to a nutritious diet. Such healthy diets keep people away from diseases and avoid a number of complications often characterized by the lack of nutrients. Restrictions on macronutrient as well as reducing the amount of calories and carbohydrates play a significant role when it comes leading a healthy lifestyle. For instance, maintaining a low calorie diet keeps people fit and reduces the chances of obesity. Vitamins, as well as minerals that promote life are basic health determinants and they play an instrumental role in enabling the body to prevent numerous diseases.

However, studies have shown that there is a prejudice associated with animal products particularly when it comes to analyzing the nutrition health of such products. It is important to note that nutritional health does not come from fruits and vegetables alone, since animal products play an instrumental role providing the body with the much needed nutrients. Dr. Fuhrman published a book entitled “Eat to Live” and argues that a regiment of whole foods enable people to reach a point where they will include animal products in their diets in order to lead a healthy lifestyle. Fuhrman argues that wellbeing may be equated to a simple arithmetical formula, which says that health is equal to nutrients provided by the calories. This implies that the less the energy that an individual consumes, the higher the chances that he will remain healthy. Studies have alreadyrevealed that huge amounts of calories contribute to numerous diseases, including diabetes, hypertension, and heart problems.

Green and leafy vegetables have been found to possess large nutrient amounts but non-starchy vegetables narrowly follow these products in terms of provision of critical nutrients. This also includes legumes and whole grains and Fuhrman has recommended that they should be soaked overnight in order to increase their nutrient value and their ability to be digested. Starchy vegetables also play a significant role in enhancing the health of human beings.  In the chart that was developed by Fuhrman, animal products are in number two after leafy vegetables  and they are followed by a category that is known as oils and refined grains.

Since the publication of Fuhrman’s book, numerous people have tried to use his advice particularly when it comes to losing weight. The author directs people who want to lose weight to mainly consume foods at the top of the chart list. In addition, those individuals who want to keep their weights should consume numerous amounts of starchy vegetables as well as whole foods rich in oils such as nuts and avocados. The author has also advised people to consume two pounds of leafy vegetables daily including half raw and half cooked vegetable. The nutritionist has also restricted the taking of animal products to 10% in order to minimize the amounts of calories that are present in the body. Basically, people should eat healthy foods to increase their chances of leading a healthy lifestyle. This implies that the kind of foods which people eat tend to define the possibility of avoiding numerous ailments that are linked to nutrition. For instance, avoiding foods that contain huge amount of calories prevents the risks of suffering from diabetes.

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