Easy Paragraph Writing Techniques

There are hundreds of writing techniques that will claim to teach how to write a perfect essay paragraph. Our primary goal to build a short and simple explanation & strategy on how you can write a 5 sentence paragraph easy. Read this article to get the better idea where to start with academic paragraph writing.

Being a student  is a tough job because you are required to write tons of essays, research papers and coursework. Initially, writing implies the knowledge of how to write a brilliant essay. For this purpose, you need to learn how to write the so-called ‘building blocks’ of a paper, meaning the paragraphs.

How to make a Paragraph Logical

There are some paragraph writing techniques that can be very useful to any college or university student. The paper writing basic principal lies in the use of straightforward logic in the writing. An essay paragraph consists of a set of sentences, united by  one idea, meaning they should be logical and understandable. This can be achieved by making a paragraph of three parts: the topic sentence, the supporting facts and the conclusion.

  • The topic sentence is the representation of the main idea of the paragraph. It should be clear and not stodgy. It’s better to avoid unnecessary details not related to the topic.
  • Supporting facts are the thoughts that develop the topic sentence and prove it’s viewpoint. The supporting facts play important role in the essay paragraph structure. Sometimes supporting facts are also called RENNS (for reasons, examples, names, numbers and senses that can explain the theme). Keep this basic RENNS technique in mind when you write your next essay.
  • The conclusion is the last sentence of the paragraph. Actually, the conclusive sentence should rephrase a topic sentence.  A conclusion is your last chance to prove your point. It should be a medium size sentence that leads the reader to the other essay paragraph, having a nice easy-to-read flow.

The Stages of Writing A Good Paragraph

Any essay writing starts with a thorough research and studying of the given or selected topic. We offer you to follow are easy essay writing techniques to achieve by far better results.

a) Collect  all thoughts related to the topic and write them down. Try to  keep in mind basic reason  why you are writing this paragraph. What do you want to say ? What exactly are you writing about? Who is your reading audience? What goals you try to achieve by writing this paragraph?
b) Find the main idea of the paragraph. After you have written down all your thoughts, choose one of them to serve as the topic sentence. Your thoughts and ideas may lay out to a paragraph outline which is useful. Check if your paragraph follows the essay logic. Also, check if this paragraph corresponds to the rest of your academic paper. Here are some basic tips to check your premier sentence, meaning the topic sentence.

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  • The topic sentence should be simple-to-read and clear;
  • It should  show a narrow subject of the whole essay, but still be general enough to need a proof.
  • The proof will be presented in the following paragraph sentences along with supportive facts. paragraph-writing -techniques

c)    Choose supportive facts. Be critical while  choosing the supportive facts because they must fully reflect on the essay topic. To have a better understanding of supportive facts, think in term if they represent the idea of the essay or paragraph in the most accurate way. If you are not sure that a fact suits the topic sentence, it’s better to avoid using it in your writing. Keep in mind that the proof , meaning the supportive fact, are used to defend your main essay idea, without confusing the readers.

d) Make up a conclusive sentence. It should repeat the topic sentence but not in the same words. You have to rephrase it. In order to do that use thesaurus to find the  word synonyms and restating what have been said earlier.

e) Organize the sentences according to the pattern: the topic sentence, the supporting facts, and the conclusion’.

f) Check whether the facts are laid out in a certain logical order to make it easier for the readers to follow  your thoughts.

  1. Check the paragraph you wrote  thoroughly.
  • Check the paragraph for possible grammar and spelling errors.
  • Look over the paragraphs to make sure that all  sentences are easy to read and follow.

After you have finished your  paragraph writing,  put it aside and  come back to read it again in a couple hours. If you follow the idea and derive aesthetic enjoyment from what you are reading then you have done a really good job. Now you may proceed with writing other paragraphs of the essay, including: introduction, essay body paragraph and conclusion. Keep in mind that it is really important to write a really good thesis statement.

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