Easy College Essay Topics

Easy College Essay Topics

The college essay is perhaps the most important aspect of a college application. This stems from the fact that many colleges today are turning to the application essay to provide some insight into the character and personality of the applicant. Based on this, it is not only essential, but also mandatory that one selects the right essay question. In order to stand out from the thousands of other applicants, one would do well to talk about themselves. It is therefore only logical that a good college essay is one that allows the applicant to talk about themselves and how the experience in question has changed them. To achieve this, it is wise to select topics that one can easily relate to, and preferably ones that the applicant has actually experienced.

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Easy College Essay Topics

In addition to this, it is necessary that the applicant considers the experience which they can explain with the most ease. College essays are not meant to be complex and full of pompous words, but rather simple essays that shed more light on the applicant. The easy college essay, that one should select, is that which is easiest to explain, bearing in mind that the question does not really matter. What really matters is what one does with the answer.

Some examples of easy college essays include:

  • “A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.” Do you agree? Explain your standpoint
  • Assess and describe yourself as accurately as possible in 250 words
  • Choose a historical or fictional character and explain their influence on you
  • Discuss an issue of international concern and its impact on you and the world
  • Evaluate a significant achievement in your life and its impact on you
  • Explain a memorable moment that changed your entire life
  • Fear is common among human beings. Explain an incident when you were afraid and how you conquered that fear

Give us your top 10 list

  1. Global warming is an emerging issue today. What are you doing to fight global warming?
  2. Happiness: what is it to you and what makes you happy?
  3. Highlight an individual who has had a positive influence on you, and explain the influence
  4. Illustrate what you would bring to the diversity of a college community. Also highlight an event or encounter that showed you the importance of diversity
  5. Passion is essential to success. Do you agree or disagree? Explain your stand
  6. Pick one famous person that you would love to talk to and explain your choice. What would you talk about?
  7. Quote your life mantra and explain its relevance in your life
  8. Select a topic of your choice
  9. Tell us about a book you read and how it impacted your life
  10. Tell us your favorite joke and attempt to explain the joke without ruining it
  11. Transformation and change are important in life. Explain your point of view
  12. Undergraduate studies: what would you like to study and why?
  13. Vacations are times of relaxation and rest. Tell us about your most memorable vacation and what made it memorable
  14. What is the best piece of advice you have ever received in your life?
  15. What matters to you, and why?
  16. Where do you see yourself in the next ten years?
  17. YOLO: What does this mean to you and why?
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