Earth Without Water (Essay Sample)

Earth without water

Water is the most crucial element in life because water is what keeps us alive. There is an endless use of water, so it is hard to imagine life without water because we heavily depend on it to survive.  Animal and plant cannot live without water because 70 percent of the human body is water. Similarly, the total earth surface has 75 percent water body. Without water everything will be empty, there will be no aquatic life since trees and plant survive on water. Water is life, hence if there is no water, there can be no life.

Think of places like moon where there is no lie because there is no water. In most cases, it is water that determines the human settlement, and without water,  we could not have witnessed the Egyptian civilization. The river Nile provided the Egyptians with adequate water for irrigation and water became the main source of transport according to Egypt the river Nile was a God given gift. Many people think that the world has plenty of water because half of the earth is filled with water. The modern man rarely thinks of preserving water. All he needs to do is turn on the tap and get water.

People only realize the benefit of water when there is drought, during this time the water is regulated. If water rationing continues, people may find themselves in a worse position because they rely on water to perform their daily duties. Have you ever imagined a day without water,  where all taps ran dry, and you have to wait for specified time to get water. Life would be unbearable because there would be no brushing of teeth, no shaving or not bathing in the morning the way we are used to.  We could have difficulties getting what to eat since food is prepared using water.

Scientists have discovered that water is the most fascinating solution  because of its flexible  and serves many purposes. Electricity can only be generated by the force of running water,  compared to other substances, water can expand when it was frozen. Even during the ancient periods in Rome, snow was used to pack prawns and meat. One of the most magical things about water is that is can be converted to steam and used to power up steam engines.

Whatever humans do they depend on water that is why people migrate to places where there is adequate water to guarantee their daily supply. Any people have perished for lack of water . Looking at all these factors, it is true that people cannot live without water because of it is the most important thing for any living being. Water gives us life as we use in several areas to meet our daily needs.

In the absence of water, the planet will look like a  desert; there will be no green vegetation, there be no rivers, the beautiful waterfall that makes the earth look beautiful and worth living. Our lives will become tedious.  If the absence of water can result in many problems in life, we need to comprehend its value. With humans advancing and living a superior lifestyle, they constantly ignore the importance of water by polluting it using the harmful chemical. As a result, the water becomes polluted. That is why we need to preserve water because it is the only way humans can survive on earth .as human population keeps on increasing the need for water resources is also increasing, that is why the next logical step is to preserve water to meet our future need.

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