Early To Bed Early To Rise (Essay Sample)

Early to bed early to rise

Have you ever heard of this saying early to bed, early to rise makes a man not only healthy, but also wealthy and wise, this famous quote means that one needs to sleep on time and rise up early to achieve the benefits of the process. We do not need to oversleep or sleep less because both are harmful to our health and general well-being. Anyone who develops a habit of sleeping early will be successful and achieve more because he remains active throughout the day. Anyone who goes to bed late will rise late, but a man who wakes up early in the morning have a sure advantage over others.

Waking up late means doing things in a hurry, feeling confused and not properly adjusting to the day’s activities. The day can end without doing much because you are struggling to finish several tasks.  Sleep is important for our health and general development, but too much of sleep makes us lazy.   Having a good sleep is important because it refreshes both the body and the mind. Additionally, waking up early in the morning is refreshing because morning hours is the quietest hour, with a calm atmosphere free from any dust which is useful for our health because breathing fresh air combined with the rays of the sun in the morning is good for our body.

Anyone who wakes up early will stay healthy because the morning walk and the breath of fresh air is enough to make us healthy throughout the day. Sleeping late and waking up late in the morning is not a healthy idea, only he early risers knows this better. Taking a deep breath of fresh morning air give us new life and adequate energy needed throughout the day. It is not surprising to see early risers active and healthy all the time. The peace of nature imparts peace in our souls and makes us feel the bond of union between humans and nature. Nature is beautiful when viewed in the morning, the freshly blossomed flowers, the dew drops o the grass and the singing birds light up the day .apart from the beauty early risers begin their work early and finish it early without rushing through.

Waking up early seems to be an uphill task for many people, but it requires practice once you get used to it you will find that you cannot sleep beyond specific hours in the morning even in the coldest weather; you will find yourself coming out of your warm bed. Imagine if everyone can be early risers where a farmer begins ploughing the field, people travel very early to reach their work places, laborers and other workers start their day early, and students wake up early to read. We could have been far as a nation because all the tasks are completed, and everyone can do much more.

Early to bed, early to rise makes a man not only wealthy and wise because waking up early means having ample time to plan with a fresh mind full of ideas and carry out important activities that result in better profits. Anyone who wakes up early, work hard and well are bound to succeed in life because he is always fit for work every day. A man’s success is proportionate to his efforts; therefore, a health, wealthy man becomes wise, anyone who can use both his hands and brains grows wise due to experience. One thing is clear that we should sleep early on a regular basis to stay healthy, wealthy and wise because early risers are industrious and are sure to shine in life.

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