Early Bird Catches The Worm (Essay Sample)

Early bird catches the worm

There are numerous phrases used to express the truth concisely, one of the famous sayings is that “the early bird catches the worm”, this proverb reminds us that success comes to those who work hard. Being an early bird means doing things on time to make progress in life. The proverb cautions us to avoid being hasty. A worm leaves the ground in the early hours in the morning; therefore, anyone who starts early will get the worm.  Therefore, to get the opportunity we need to begin ahead of schedule. Early bird catches the worm is a famous saying that values punctuality, being on time is the first step toward being successful in life.  The saying encourages us always to be punctual and avoid procrastination to achieve success.

It is only by waking up early, studying early and doing all other activities as early as possible that we can be able to enjoy the fruits of our labor. We need to be disciplined and be confident in anything we do to be successful in life. We all are familiar about this proverb, but not everyone understands it’s meaning.  The bird in this proverb means us and the worm in the proverb mean success or our goals in life. Success can only come to people who reach it before others do. Being early in whatever we do, gives us the opportunity to get all the good things. It’s only when we try to complete the task ahead of us before other that we can be ahead of them,  this means we need to start ahead of everyone to complete before them.

It is important to remember that when we get up early, we not only become successful, but also attain better things ahead of others.  For instance, when we want to catch the train you need to be early at the station because if you are late, you will miss it. Nobody will wait for us to get to the train, therefore if you want to reach your target you have to be well prepared. In this proverb, we are reminded to act in time because the bird that rises earlier than other birds in search of prey will get many worms, but the bird that arrives late will not get a single worm and might go hungry. Similarly, anyone who arrives late will not get the desired results. When we postpone our duties, we lose the opportunity of success.

We need to work hard and be punctual in whatever we do to attain the desired results in life.  When you get up early, means planning your day early to accomplish more by getting the worm. We should remember that the fact that there are other people who also wake up early they might get the best compared to those who delay. This proverb is a good piece of advice for those people who want to achieve success but do not want to endure the struggles that come with success. So this expression is meant to remind everyone that the earlier we begin, the better are the possibilities of accomplishing all the tasks and achieving the desired results .So it encourages us to be hard workers and be punctual whatever we do to discover the benefits that comes along with these virtues. If you are not an early bird, it’s prudent to consider getting up early to see the difference it will make in your life, which will be beneficial not only to you but also to those around you.

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