Drunk Driving (Informative Speech Sample)

Drunk Driving

People all over the world practice the bad behavior of drunk driving. Well, drinking and driving may not seem like a fundamental problem in our society but basing the argument on facts, it is very harmful to individuals and their lives. Almost everyone thinks that it is right to drink and drive themselves home or even to town. In the recent years, drunk driving has risen among the teens.

Nevertheless, drunk driving is the primary cause of road accidents that lead to serious consequences including death. Drunk driving mostly happens after maybe a party with friends or even just consuming alcoholic drinks in a club, and one has to drive home. Alcohol impairs once sight and judgment, this is one of the writings found in nearly all alcoholic drinks bottles, but human beings still want to drive with impaired sight. Alcohol gives one an invincible feeling thus leading people to drink and drive. However, this is not the right choice since its consequences are fatal. Drunk driving ought to be addressed and avoided. Surprisingly, most people who are caught up in drunk driving are underage.

The drunk driving behavior may result in many devastating and unwanted effects. To begin with, it is the principal cause of fatal accidents. When a sober driver and a drunk are put into a comparison, the drunk driver is likely to cause a road accident. In case an accident occurs, there may be dead casualties who probably were under no influence. People who may be lucky to survive in the crash may be left with partial injuries or complete disabilities. Another vital effect of drinking is that when one is caught drunk and driving by the traffic police officers, a bad record of them is written, and therefore their reputation is ruined, and they may even lose their driving license. The consequences of drunk driving are distinctly serious.

Since drunk driving has devastating effects, it is important to consider ways that are likely to reduce or if possible eliminate incidents of drunk driving. The citizens of all nations ought to be educated on the possible effects and consequences of drunk driving. By doing this, the people will understand that drunk driving is never an option and that drunk driving can be fatal and dangerous. The people will figure out why it would be safer to take a taxi home or tag along a driver when they are going to drink at parties and clubs. By doing this, the individuals are guaranteed a safe drive home. Moreover, doing this is much better than drinking and driving home under the alcoholic influence. All nations should enact strict laws against drunk driving.

In conclusion, it is clear that drunk driving is a major problem that exists in the world today, the same causes many tragedies for many people in different places. All drivers have the responsibility of ensuring that they drive while they are sober so as to be assured of safe arrival to their destinations and so that they cannot put into danger their lives or the lives of their passengers. At times drinking may seem harmless, but it is especially when one is going to operate vehicles. Hopefully, in future, the people who drink and drive will be caught more and will be subjected to heavy penalties. By doing this, drunk driving will reduce, and with time it will stop. Although each one has crime, no man deserves to die because of another man’s mistake. It will be well if, in few years to come, the statistics, risks, and results of drunk driving will be minimal and will eventually come to an end.

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