Dream Family (Essay Sample)

Dream Family

There is nothing like a perfect family since every family has its own imperfections. Yes, families play an important role of guiding each other for years and generating this person within one another that will also impact other people outside the family. The world is infused with many complicated families and there are children out there who constantly dream of a perfect family popping in their lives. Below is a comprehensive analysis of what a dream family is made up of. To me, a dream family should entail a composed mother, a diligent father and understanding children.

There is no doubt that having a composed mother would definitely help in proper growth of the children. My mother would only be kind when she wants to be and she is definitely always there for me giving good advices, teaching me on how to cook good food, telling me how she loves me and always making sure she gives me a hug and kiss. However, she is quick tempered by nature, very strict, but regardless trading her for my dream mother would be wrong. My mother is magnificent just the way she is, she is always there for me and she never fails to show me love the best way she knows just like how a good mother should.

Secondly, a diligent father who is always working tirelessly in order to provide for his family while at the same time tries to balance his time in order to spend some several hours with them. This is honestly my dream father for me, one who is not too harsh towards his kids, and with a heavily build in mind body. However, my father is half of this, he is loving, caring, spends some time with us but he never really works. He is usually either sleeping, eating or watching a movie, but with all these unpleasant qualities my dad is good in doing what he loves such as spending time with the family. My father is the wise, quite arrogant with a lazy character in the family but he is always there for me giving advice as a daughter, which is sufficient for me.

Thirdly, having understanding siblings who are ready to generate a foundation that will support each other in the future and not betraying each other when hardship comes is what siblings should be like. My dream family consists of an older brother and sister. Having an older brother who will always shield me when I start a fight with anyone will be my biggest joy and since am a young lady who is in the process of growing having an older sister whom to rely on when stuck, offers a shoulder to cry on and readily available to give advices would be my ideal sister. We may have a faulty family far from my dream one but this is a precious gift any one like me could ever have.

Most of us have an image of what our dream family should be like, but unfortunately we live in a promiscuous world. Whereby, instead of having the ideal family we dream of we find ourselves battling with broken relationships within the family but regardless, everyone should be comfortable with the kind of family they have.

In conclusion

Even though I have a family which is different from my ideal one, loving and understanding each other brings us closer gradually each day and I would never trade my family with another because am satisfied with the one that I have. In doing this essay my perspective on my dream family I have realized that it isn’t just about rich or poor individuals but a firm endless supply of love.

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