Does Dullness Lead To Trouble? (Essay Sample)

Does Dullness Lead To Trouble?

When a person portrays dullness to a certain scenario or object, this means that they have no interest. Dullness is more of a subjective manner applied by a person. The level of interest is not that strong when an object, scenario, or a person does not cause an appealing factor to towards that particular individual. The presence of dullness inhibits access to a persons’ participation because there is an issue with the person’s impression towards a certain topic.

Dullness can easily leads to trouble, especially if the person has no intention of initiating a cooperative measure towards a certain individual. If there is a dullness that occurs, this means that the person has no interest on exchanging ideas in order to accomplish a certain task. Conflict begins when there are interests that do not agree with each other. Small issues become problems because the issue of dullness starts from the person’s character over a certain issue or role.

There are types of conflict that could lead to trouble. The initial trouble will be verbal-based. Two individuals will engage in a heated argument following an activity that might be objected by the person who does not want to be involved with. The verbal sign of rejection is observed when the tone of the voice becomes high and loud. The second trouble is the physical aspect wherein the involved individual will no longer hold their temper and may start exchanging physical assault towards the target. At the end of the day, two conflicting individuals will experience an undesirable relationship because their relationship becomes impaired as they exchange unwanted words that are hurtful towards each other.

Dullness is usually observed towards the emotion of an individual. Basing through their emotions, an individual or a group who shows dull characteristics towards others may have experienced similar situation that was not that desirable. Past experience is a relevant factor for a person to feel dull about an activity that was encountered before. There was a trouble that occurred before, which is why that person does not want to experience the same mistake. This is because they already knew the feeling of being hurt or experienced a horrible issue from the past.

There is a conflict resolution that is associated with dullness. For every problem, there is always a solution that helps to let the heated situation experience calmness. There are solutions that prevent negative impression towards a certain object because it can affect the overall well-being of the involved individual. One example is self-awareness, which is a process that allows a person to reflect their past and accept similar experiences. The rationale is to know how to handle the situation so that there will be a calmer response when experiencing similar activity.

It has been concluded that dullness is an undesirable trait that is observed towards an individual. Understanding is an important framework that seeks to analyze and appreciate the behavior of a person. Using proper behavioral approach is important because it seeks to provide an empathetic relationship between the people who became irate when facing similar experience that made a horrible past. If the dullness is caused by an existing threat, it is important to keep away from any risks so that it will prevent any negative consequences that could cause damage towards that particular individual or group.

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