Do You Need Money To Succeed In Life (Essay Sample)

Do you need money to succeed in life

Many people believe that money is the only thing used to measure success in life, hence money  becomes the only thing they pursue throughout their life. However, money is not the only measure of success in life.  There are several measures of success apart from money. We do not need money to succeed in life. One of the important measures of success in our life achievements or our careers.  People have different goals and dreams they would want to pursue.  For instance, an athlete would measure success by the number of tournaments won or by breaking the world record or  playing in the top league. On the other hand; a scientist would measure success by a conclusive research study that  can be adopted in various fields or receiving the most prestigious award.

Not everyone believes that they can succeed without money, for them, signs of success is having a lot of money to show off.   When those who are not rich donate some money to help other like poor children to access education, this does not mean that they will be poor, instead the act of helping the needy gives them happiness. Even though money might be important to have, there are other important things in life like our families or the simple things life has to offer like friendship, because all these activities are worth more than just money.  Many celebrities associate money with success, even though most of them earn allot of money and can buy almost everything, but they still want more.

In business, recognition of excellence when carrying out professional duty amounts to success. Success in human life can be measured in various forms that vary according to individual viewpoint. Earning more money and becoming famous and powerful individuals is not the path to success, the greatest success comes from being able to beat all the odds, overcome life obstacles, facing your fears and perseverance during difficult times. The right path to success means appreciating small achievement in life. When measuring success, it all depends on what your goals in life. Even though money facilitates the process of achieving our goals, money should not be considered as the final goal that determines your success.

Some of the common goals many people pursue is to be peaceful and happy, having all the richness in the world does not guarantee happiness.  It is true the money can buy happiness, but such happiness is short-lived because you can lose money anytime, but true happiness will last a lifetime. Happiness can be defined by having a loving family and children, having genuine and dependable friends or even someone who truly loves us. Not all these things can be compared to having all of the money because we cannot buy true love, it comes naturally.

Success can be achieved by confronting our daily challenges and overcoming hardship in life to  achieve our set goals in life. Some people do not make lots of money, but they are always happy and contented with life, meaning that our perspective of success is more connected to our values and beliefs. If you believe that having money is the ultimate goal in life,  you will view success by having a lot of money, but if we value peace, integrity, happiness, and stability. Money should  not be as important as achieving our goal in life which is to attain happiness and contentment. Most people are wealthy, but not happy. Some people are not rich, but they are happy and feel secure. Success can be viewed from a different perspective depending on your values and beliefs.

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