Disadvantages Of Traffic Jam (Essay Sample)

The thing that happens in our society is a domino effect that affects the life of the wealthiest to the poorest. Everything that happens in one sector will surely make a difference to the others because everything is this world is interconnected. When a problem arises in one place, everybody will react because its effect will be felt by them. This domino effect is present in almost situation and the reaction can be fast or slow depending on the gravity of the circumstance. The most evident situation that affects all the people around the world is traffic jam.

Traffic jam happens when the roads are congested with vehicles and the vehicles is slowly moving instead of fast moving. This occurrence can take negative effect on businesses and that falls down to the negative effect on the economy. Almost all of the businesses nowadays are fitting on the trend of “home shopping”; this kind of mode in a business requires the businessmen to send the products to customer via a courier. The courier then sends it to the customer thru their delivery person who either rides a motorcycle or delivery van. When the product is delayed because of traffic jam, the customer will possibly be unsatisfied and the company who offered the service will have a bad reputation. The short amount of time that the products or goods have been delayed can cause a big problem to the clients and the entrepreneurs.

Students and employees are also affected by traffic jam and the effect of it on their lives play a major role on their productivity at work or school. An employee woke up early in the morning because he or she has a presentation that will determine his or her promotion, but as he drives on the road he notices that the traffic is slow and he or she has no other way of going to the office except for that road. That employee has his or her daughter with her whom is having an exam that day. The traffic jam made them late and causes the employee to lose the promotion and the daughter to lose points. Traffic jam causes delayed time and that delayed time may cause so much inconvenience to people even they are not experiencing the traffic themselves.

Other negative effects of traffic jams are additional pollution, more fuel expenditure, delays in the delivery of goods and the worsening poverty. If a person get stuck on the traffic jam at least one hour every day and the average productive life of a person is 30 years, he or she will be wasting 28,000 hours of his or her life just because of traffic jam. If we will think about it that is not a very good idea to live your life. Money is wasted and almost half of our lives will be spent sitting in a vehicle and waiting for the cars in front of you to move. One study suggests that people who sit to long have shorter life expectancy, so the longer you sit on the road the shorter your life becomes. Traffic jam also contributes to the pollution because of the gases that the vehicles emit. Those pollutants are harmful to the health of the people and to the earth because those kinds of gases causes harm to the ozone layer.

The disadvantages of traffic jam are a never ending list that can only be ended if the government of each country will provide wider roads for the vehicle. Simple people like us can also help diminish the traffic jam by not using our vehicles too much especially if we can just walk our way to our destination.

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