Disadvantages Of Science (Essay Sample)


Science is known to be a significant game changer in the physical world due to its innovative transformation that shaped numerous insights, applications and experiences. There are numerous scientific concepts developed by the human civilization responsible for transforming new norms and practices of the modern society. Numerous inventions and developments have been made to stimulate improvements in our lifestyle as well as to improve the productivity of the population. With the advent of scientific inventions and adaptations, there are undesirable changes brought about by the applications of science, bringing up several disadvantages in our practices. This paper will discuss the disadvantages of science that has been responsible for creating undesirable outcomes to the population. It seeks to provide relevant sources of information regarding the application of scientific disadvantages.

One disadvantage of science is the tendency to violate ethical norms or standards. There are numerous scientific practice that manipulates the natural well-being of an organism. This is applied by exploiting the characteristics of organism by changing the DNA structure through the application of genetics inside the laboratory. Examples are cloning, which derails the complexity of moral values and virtues. The Reason behind is to create an artificial well-being that changes the structure of a certain organism into a mutated form. The transformational changes with regards to the structure and application of scientific experiments violate several moral issues that generate conflicting interest opposition groups against researchers and other scientists. As a result, there are lawsuits that filed by the interest groups, which could spark public attention to the public, in particular with the members of the media who will become curious about the case and starts to establish a mass coverage.

Financial costs are some of the major disadvantages of science because business companies are taking advantage against the growing number of research and experimentation of scientists to determine the existence of a scientific phenomenon. Newly discovered scientific materials requires facilities that costs a significant value that is not cheap. Companies conducting research and experimentation are challenged because they need to invest a significant amount of equities so that they can sustain the expenses covered by the experimentation. Costs are usually amounting to at least in an eight-digit figure, which is very costly for companies supporting scientific researchers in order to prove the existence of a certain fact. In this case, research needs to generate numerous sponsors, causes, and free from any tax liabilities so that the process of confirming a new phenomenon enables research and experimentation to become successful in the field of science.


Science is a complex of research and exploration of new knowledge and application so that the value of rendering new insights and applications becomes efficient and accurate. Improving the level of knowledge through new phenomena seeks to find a better solution that stimulates new lifestyle, practice, belief, and trends to the society in order to make a community productive. Although there are challenges such as negating the beliefs of morality as well as the growing expenses of conducting researches, scientists are still optimistic to find solutions to prove that there will be more discoveries in to fulfill new applications. The essentials of developing science and technology enhance creativity to acknowledge the differences and changes that can be adapted and adjusted by the present society. Challenges are usually solved through unity and support for researchers and explorers to prove a certain fact (Nikoletseas, 2014).


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