Disadvantages Of Media Literacy (Essay Sample)


Media is the most powerful tool in order to express anyone who wants to tell something significant to the world. In this role, media offers an outlet for everybody to have the chance to view a certain published material on the web by watching the video, reading the article, or viewing the photo to understand the published material. This is applied for every user who wants to make a significant way of trying to become aware of the new information conveyed by the author or the creator of the media clip presented in mass media outlets. Every human can make a difference in the world because they can have the chance to have a voice through the use of media as an outlet of their goals. This is when they use media as a tool to express their emotions and connect with other individuals.

As media is now rapidly invading our personal space, privacy is a problem for media. Privacy is one of the most concerning disadvantages of media because it can easily expose the identity of the person (Kosinski, Stillwell & Graepel, 2013). Either you made a heroic or an unacceptable act, expect that you will receive a powerful response from a wide variety of audiences. Privacy is affected because you are hunted down by crazy social media users who want to take a sneak at your personal space without permission. The worst part is that online users are able to invade your personal privacy by attempting to hack your personal information that was kept confidentially. Once your personal privacy has been invaded, expect oral defamatory remarks, libel, and other harsh criticisms that could affect your personal routine.

Another disadvantage is when media literacy becomes a tool for other individuals to become radicalized by groups or individuals with criminal intents. This is because media has been one of the most effective tools to establish new propaganda to fulfill their ideology. Human trafficking is also rampant on the internet, which is now taking over media outlets around the world. Random strangers meeting for the first time could risk their safety because there are people with a criminal background and intent that always attempt to continue to harm other individuals. In addition, media is also one of the main sources of unverified information because there are articles and websites that intend to create fake reports regarding a certain issue that are trying to cause confusion to the public.

The disadvantages of media literacy help the public to better scrutinize all data being published because it will verify the information of the source comes from a highly reputable website. This is when the mass media will confirm that one of their news reports are in fact was published online, you will be certain that the information is concise, credible, and factual. There are random websites that are needed to be verified before believing that information is actually published. In this case, the issue with regard to the improvement of media’s credibility is to assess the source of the data before concluding the facts presented by the article, clip, or video. For privacy issues, it is important to secure your personal information by constantly changing your passwords because hackers can easily penetrate your accounts without authorization so that they can exploit all essential issues about yourself for a certain period of time.


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